Documenting Detroit

Guest Editors Lucinda Chua and John Bingham-Hall

Most of us know Detroit as a has-been: a once-flourishing city that gave birth to Ford, Motown and techno but couldn't quite keep up appearances. Yet, after decades of urban decay and decline, its vacant volumes and startling architectural landmarks have begun to fascinate artists and architects across the world.

It is these that have lured London-based artist Lucinda Chua and urbanologist John Bingham-Hall, who have joined forces to document - both artistically and critically - the city's current landscape, in a project entitled Situated Urban Research: Detroit. For a two-week period (until 16 October), they have taken up residence at Detroit's Cave Gallery in the Russell Industrial Centre as they strive to make sense of the city for the first time. Exhibiting their found objects, video and installation work (the show runs until 23 October), they'll become a sort of living archive of a moment in Detroit's recent history. 'It's going to be our whole life for this period,' says Bingham-Hall. 'The project is about making research visual, as well as contributing to the life of the city, rather than just taking from it.'

As guest editors, they'll also be curating this space with their finds: Chua with her raw, filmic images and Bingham-Hall with his evocative commentaries. For the length of their stay in Detroit, they'll be feeding us visuals of the blight and offering proof of the city's redemption. Watch it here as it unfolds.

London-based artist Lucinda Chua and urbanologist John Bingham-Hall have taken up residence in Detroit to document - both artistically and critically - the city's current landscape over a two-week period. Chua's creative practice encompasses research, still photography, moving image, performance and musical score, and her work has been seen everywhere from London's Serpentine Gallery to Pittsburgh's Mattress Factory Art Museum. Meanwhile, Bingham-Hall works closely with London's Architecture Foundation and has just completed a masters in Advanced Architectural Studies at the Bartlett, UCL, focusing on the intersection between art and architecture. Click next to see their finds...
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