Neuraé: meet the new French skincare brand that can change your emotions

Neuraé is a new neuroscientific skincare brand harnessing the connection between the skin and the brain

Neuraé Skincare
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Neuraé is a new French skincare brand that harnesses the constant dialogue between the skin and the brain through the pathways in our nervous system. Christine and Philippe d’Ornano (the brother-and-sister duo at the helm of storied Parisian beauty house Sisley) worked on this project for just over ten years, with the first products launching last month (March 2024).

‘We became interested in the relationship between neuroscience and skincare when our scientists at Sisley suggested researching how the brain communicates with the skin,’ says Christine d’Ornano. ‘Being sad, tired, tense or stressed affects our skin, having an impact on wrinkles, firmness and radiance.’ Neuraé products have thus been developed to harness the power of inner emotions and improve wellbeing – which, in turn, produces positive effects on the outside.

Neuraé Skincare

Neuraé Emotion Boosters feature semi-precious stones at the tips, such as jade, pink quartz, and amethyst

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Neuraé skincare uses its signature NA3 technology to boost your mood

‘What do we think of when we think of good skin?’ she continues. ‘It’s skin that’s homogenous, that’s calm. So, we tested all our products at both a cosmetic and cellular level, to ensure that what we have created has a positive effect on all of these things, through our patent-pending NA3 technology.’

This technology works to target neural pathways, through neuro-textures, neuro scents, and neuro ingredients (such as alpine skullcap and eperua extract) which work in tandem with the following: β-endorphins, emblematic of positive emotions; gaba, the relaxation agent; cortisol, which can produce negative emotions; and CGRP, the pain communicator.

Neuraé Skincare

Neuraé skincare

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The Harmonie serum is the hero product of Neuraé, and is lightweight with a dewy finish. The serum is complemented by one of three creams: Énergie has been designed to improve firmness, Joie to revive glow, and Sérénité to soften lines. Finally, travel-sized roll-on Emotion Boosters, crafted with ‘neuro perfume’ oils and semi-precious stones (jade, pink quartz, and amethyst) in the tips, allow for small interludes of self-care throughout the day.

All of the products contain 97 per cent natural ingredients, including the packaging, which features tops carved from wood and ridged matte surfaces to further enhance the sensory and tactile experience of applying them. In addition, it is all recyclable, and the jars are refillable, in bringing Sisley’s sustainable ethos to its new venture.

‘It’s the beginning of a new field; a new angle for looking after your skin,’ says Christine d’Ornano. ‘We’re only just getting started.’

The full range of Neuraé products

The full range of Neuraé products includes a serum, three moisturising creams, and three roll on neuro perfumes

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