How would you design the poster art for your favourite film? Now Showing, a new exhibition at the Cosh Gallery in London, curated by WIWP (Wear It With Pride), put that challenge to over forty talented artists and designers including Nathan Fox, James Joyce, Hellovon, and Wallpaper* limited edition cover artist Marian Bantjes (W* 098), charging them with the potentially daunting task of recreating a classic or obscure film poster of their choosing from scratch.

Film poster exhibition, London

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Films chosen include Rear Window, Fellini’s 8 ½, A Clockwork Orange, Blade Runner, and Planet of the Apes, among many others. The project wasn’t to redesign bad posters; indeed some of the originals are cult favourites. Rather the artists sought to reinterpret classics and to examine alternative perspectives on a common theme. More than just a tribute to the films, then, the new editions pay homage to a dwindling art often neglected in the midst of modern studio commercialism.