W* Bespoke: Wallpaper* & Skagen: Danish by nature

W* Bespoke: Wallpaper* & Skagen: Danish by nature

Wallpaper* and Skagen combine creative forces in a series of initiatives to celebrate fine craftsmanship, the Danish design ethos and quality time. Each project offers a visual exploration of the watch and design brand’s style, simplicity and singular vision

On the remote spit of land at the Northern most tip of Jutland is Skagen, a coastal town and region narrated by its landscape. At Skagen’s Grenen headland, the seas of Skagerrak and Kattegat - the North Sea and the Baltic - come together in dramatic style, their respective waves crashing headlong into one another to form the Skaw Reef, creating an environment where flora and fauna can thrive.

Skagen’s coastline is a wild and ever-evolving sandscape full of surprises and magic - the rare birds that swirl the skies during Spring migration, the so-called Sand Covered church built in the 14th century, once completely buried but now standing proudly resilient to the weather, the vast sands at Råbjerg Mile, northern Europe’s largest shifting dune.

It is this elemental poetry that has proved a profound influence for the silhouettes, tones and designs that make up the Skagen brand’s collections.

Founded in 1989, SKAGEN is “Danish by Nature”, its products inspired not just by the natural beauty and wonder that is the place of Skagen, but also the nature of the Danish people, their warm and welcoming spirit and enthusiasm, their aesthetic values, the so called “hygge” aesthetic that is unique to the Danes.

When SKAGEN makes watches, the inherent value of the timepieces’ design lies in its ability to strip everything unnecessary away and revel in the beauty of simple yet functional detailing. This idea resonates in simple forms, classic palettes, slender profiles, supple yet durable materials and understated dial detailing.

SKAGEN’s bags, wallets and leather goods are all about functionality, purposeful design, proportion, versatility, simple elegant silhouettes and ingenious hidden detailing, SKAGEN looks at the changing needs of modern culture and the necessity to be mobile and agile whilst moving from purpose to purpose in daily life...in the city and by the sea.

With the coastline as its muse, the organic shapes and treasures of the sea inform.. SKAGEN’s chic and simple jewelry collection. Beguiling “sea glass” pieces in gold, silver and leather combine nature’s simplicity with skilled craftsmanship, gently referencing the ocean and the misty-opaque, wave-tumbled glass souvenirs found on Skagen’s wild beaches. Even the endless line of the horizon, as viewed from the shoreline, has been used as an attribute in the design of the collections; soft textures, warm tones, pearl, and muted colours give the jewelry a subtle and wearable charm.

SKAGEN’s mission is to combine the inspiration of the Danish design perspective with contemporary innovation, embracing a philosophy of “as little design as possible”.

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