Power meets precision: a history

Italian powerhouse automaker Ferrari first joined forces with iconic Swiss horologists Hublot in 2011, and since then, an industry-defining relationship has blossomed. Natural bedfellows, the two organisations share a quest for aesthetic perfection, technical innovation, and functional excellence.

Pivotal moments

Since 2011, the pioneering pair have worked together intimately, collaborating on renowned timepieces such as the MP-O5 La Ferrari in 2015 - which was developed entirely in parallel with the eponymous car. With each range, they have built a reputation for memorable performance and clarity of design.

Hublot have looked to the most recent Ferrari designs to inspire their latest range. They’ve harnessed the agility and versatility from the sporty GTC4 Lusso, for example, while borrowing the elegant curves of the California T convertible. Every inch of the Ferrari design language has been studied, understood and incorporated, with typical Hublot care.

Introducing the Big Bang Ferrari Trio

King Gold, Titanium and Carbon
In December 2016, at the Daytona International Speedway circuit, Hublot and Ferrari unveiled their new designs. Three, definitive Big Bang models, comprising the Ferrari Unico King Gold (limited to 500 pieces), the Ferrari Unico Carbon (also created in an edition of 500 pieces), and the Ferrari Unico Titanium (1000 pieces).

As the names suggest, each of the models makes use of different materials. For the King Gold, the case comprises brush-finished 18k rose gold,with complementary gold-plated dial and hands. The Titanium design comprises rhodium plated dials and hands, with a matching titanium case. Similarly, The carbon model has a carbon unidirectional case, to match the micro blasted black nickel hands. To create a sense of unity, key material aspects remain common to each. The transparent Sapphire Crystal case back, for example, is a notable signature. What’s more, the word ‘Ferrari’ is emblazoned in characteristically bold red letters across the watch’s now iconic oyster-like case construction.

Handled with care
Painstakingly, all 2000 limited edition timepieces have been hand made in Hublot’s iconic Nyon headquarters in Switzerland, by a small but dedicated team of master designers and watchmakers. In 14'000 sq meters manufacture, studios and workshops, traditional watchmaking craft can be witnessed side by side with state-of-the-art manufacturing technology.

Finishing Touches
The beauty is in the detail. Somewhat of a tradition in the Big Bang series, one strap option is the satisfyingly sturdy rubber Black Alcantara,finely embroidered with red thread work, nodding to the traditional Ferrari upholstery. Alternatively, the strap also comes in a choice of black Schedoni leather, which references the iconic, luxury design of Ferrari seats.

Moving a mile a minute

Unico movement
At their ticking heart, in line with the Ferrari engines’ reliability and power, each Big Bang Ferrari timepiece is equipped with a Unico movement – designed and produced in-house by Hublot engineers and watchmakers. Like hearing the roar of an engine, or feeling the road glide beneath a gear-change, Unico’s finely made mechanical movement is pleasurably interactive. Wearers feel the buttons release under the right amount of pressure, hear the satisfying click, and see the miniature internal workings faithfully whirring, through the dial and sapphire case-back.

The Hublot designers have even looked to the storied Ferrari wheels for inspiration. The Unico rotor echoes the iconic star spoke design of the Ferrari wheel rims.

Horological horsepower
In each of the Big Bang models, Ferrari’s design vernacular can be heard and felt at every turn. Working around the clock face, a new Ferrari reference is integrated every few hours. The famous ‘Prancing Horse’ logo is delicately embossed at six o’clock. The minute counter and date window at three o'clock are designed like a car tachometer, the instrument for measuring the working speed of an engine. Meanwhile, at nine o'clock, the seconds counter takes the form of an air extractor; all notes for any Ferrari enthusiast to relish.