The end of the extractor hood

The end of the extractor hood

Innovation. Creativity. Architecture. These are the principles of BORA. The brand – based in Germany and Austria – seeks to revolutionise kitchen design with the integration of cutting-edge, high quality hardware. And with its new BORA Professional 2.0 system, it’s putting an end to the extractor hood for good.

BORA’s approach to revolutionising a piece of kitchen equipment as ubiquitous as the extractor hood is as straightforward in concept as it is seamless in execution. The BORA principle is simple: using the ingenuity of physics to suck away cooking odours and vapours at their source – on the cooktop itself, with the pots, pans, roasters and grills. By removing these vapours before they rise, there is no steam, no stooped stance, and no restrictions in visibility. It’s a patented technique employed across all of BORA’s cooktop systems, but an innovation truly honed with the introduction of the groundbreaking BORA Professional 2.0. More than ever, cooking with BORA is like cooking in fresh air.

At the heart of BORA Professional 2.0 is the intuitive communication between cooktop and extractor afforded by a new intelligent-user interface. BORA’s innovative smart control knob further hones the performance of what was already a system of exceptional simplicity and functionality. In short, it does everything: from power control and temperature indication to operating the various function programmes.

And none of this comes at a visual cost. BORA Professional 2.0 is an elegant, cohesive system that reflects BORA’s commitment to what company founder Willi Bruckbauer describes as the ‘architecturally perfect kitchen’: a fresh environment where everything works perfectly, with clean, attractive, minimalist design, with no impaired sight lines. These are all doctrines embraced by the Professional 2.0 .

As well as the use of stainless steel on all visible surfaces – ensuring high levels of functionality and durability as well as an elegant aesthetic – the Revolution 2.0 ducts feature a minimum installation height of 199mm, allowing maximum freedom for ambitious kitchen design. Furthermore, the way the cooktop extractor, duct, filter, motor and wall sleeve can be installed – in ‘plug and play’ or more customisable formats – makes this newest version of the Professional the first freely combinable system for floating worktops.

It’s practical, too. The BORA has exemplary sound insulation, making it quieter than conventional extractor hoods. Even cleaning is easy, with the filter tank and grease filter’s integrated handles making removal simpler than ever.

‘Our focus is on progressive, innovative and solution-oriented technologies,’ says Bruckbauer. We develop products that enrich our customers’ lives on a daily basis.’ With BORA’s reconfiguration of the kitchen extractor, they’ve done just that. It’s nothing short of a revolution.

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