In a design scene that can seem a little infatuated with the super-polished, it is only natural to crave something a bit rough around the edges. Interior designer and London gallerist Rabi Hage’s new project, the Rough Luxe Hotel, aims to give the discerning design connoisseur just that.

Rough Luxe

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A bolthole of interior design originality, Rough Luxe is located just moments away from London’s Kings Cross station. Cross the threshold of this Georgian townhouse and you enter a stimulating, pic ‘n’ mix world of design. Torn wallpaper and un-plastered walls are contrasted with luxurious soft furnishings and burnished copper bathtubs. Stag horns and shag carpets, mismatched dining chairs and a portrait of Gilbert and George give you some idea of the ‘anti-look’ that Hage is going for.
Hage’s vision for the hotel was to cultivate a space where ‘the texture of years of occupation is tangible in every room’. Ordinarily we might be inclined to add a fresh coat of paint and clean things up but on this occasion everything comes together much more smoothly than one might imagine. If things prove to be a bit too much, however, Hage has installed an ‘Anger Release Machine’ within the hotel, but you’ll have to book a room first to reap the benefits.