Readers of our current Handmade Issue (August 2011) will be aware of the store Wallpaper* sets by the creative process. Just as some believe it's the journey not the arrival that matters, the process of making an object can be as significant as the finished product. Casts & Moulds, a new exhibition at the Aram Gallery which opens tomorrow, illustrates this philosophy, providing fascinating insight into the way a selection of objects - from a Marloes ten Bhömer shoe to a BarberOsgerby wall tile - came into being.

Casts & Moulds is part of the Aram Gallery's ongoing exhibition series, Prototypes and Experiments - an exploration of the design process that aims to give us a greater understanding of the way designers think and work. This, the sixth instalment of the series focuses on casting and moulding as a means of manufacture, with each exhibitor selected as an exemplar of moulding across a range of design disciplines: product, furniture, jewellery and architecture.
Participants include Gitta Gschwendtner, whose 'bag stools' are made using the classic paper bag as a mould, and Max Lamb, whose furniture is fabricated from a wide range of materials.
By laying bare the trials, tests and experiments that led ultimately to the realisation of these designs, the show's director Zeev Aram and curator Ellie Parker have given us a valuable glimpse of the mechanics behind the creative process.