Don’t judge a book by its cover we’re told and the same applies to exhibitions and their titles. We like a good portmanteau (after all why use two words when one will do?) but ‘Fabstraction’, the title of Ian Davenport’s new exhibition at Alan Cristea, leaves us a little cold. This though is our only quibble with an otherwise brilliant and extensive show of Davenport’s new work.


See more of Davenport’s prints from Fabstraction
Including 33 etched monoprints (hung as one installation, each with different fore and background colours) and a new series of his oozing, vertical line prints, Davenport’s work is simple but entertaining and, the longer you look at them, the more mesmerising they become.
Part of this appeal is due to the intrigue of how they were made, for which our accompanying video showing Ian Davenport at work answers your questions. Who could have guessed the secret lay in a syringe and a very steady hand?
See Ian Davenport at work