Handmade 2012

It all starts with ideas thrown at master craftsmen, innovative manufacturers and free-to-dream designers. Creative connections are made, problems are solved, wishes fulfilled. Finally, the pieces come together, beautifully, in our Handmade issue (out now).
Here, we document these unique designs, show you how the ideas took shape in the Wallpaper* sketchbook

and take you on an interactive tour of our exhibition at Brioni HQ in Milan during this year’s Salone del Mobile. Plus, we watch some of the products come to
life on video.

For more of the stories behind these one-off designs, turn to our August issue.

Our eternal thanks to Fedrigoni, which not only provided five different paper stocks for Irma Boom’s paper ‘Convertibles’ project and a paper stock for Michael Nash+Sion’s ‘Sew your own’ stationary, but also supplied us with the four further special papers for the print edition of the Handmade issue.

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