Morgan Motor Company CEO Charles Morgan makes cars that are all about the journey rather the destination. ‘Our inspiration for the cars’ design has always been the British sense of humour and fun,’ he says. ‘If, after a few miles behind the wheel of a Morgan you don’t have a smile on your face, we haven’t done our job properly.

Morgan cars like the Aero 8 and the V-Twin riot that is the hand-built, quintessentially British Morgan 3 Wheeler are to the automobile industry what slow cooking is to contemporary cuisine. Visit the Morgan factory in the Malverns, west England, and you’ll find men with wrenches and screwdrivers rather than an army of welding robots.

The cars are built around an ash frame and, since the company began in 1909, come with a sliding pillar suspension system. There is a customer for every car they make and every customer has bided his time patiently on a waiting list of anything from eight to 18 months. It’s the antithesis of mass production.

‘You can never repeat the past, but you can be inspired by it, and our 3 Wheeler is a perfect example of that,’ says Morgan. ‘It looks very retro but underneath the bonnet it has modern disc brakes, a carbon fibre and Kevlar drive belt, and a Mazda gear box. It certainly doesn’t behave traditionally.’