Wallpaper* & Parajumpers: Mountain high

Wallpaper* & Parajumpers: Mountain high

The all-weather luxury brand’s legacy of adventure plays out in its 7-part ‘Stories’ travelogue film series

For Parajumpers’ latest visual travelogue, the adventure series picks up in the rocky outcrops of the Cortina d’Ampezzo alpine range, and the wild working terrain of Dolomites mountain guide Nadia Dimai.

Born and raised in these snow-capped mountains, this area’s jagged peaks are Dimai’s playground. Nestled in the Veneto region of Northern Italy, it’s a natural wonderland, which Dimai has been safely guiding alpine enthusiasts and fearless climbers through for the past twenty plus years. ‘Mountains are my life,’ she says of her adventurous vocation that follows in her grandfather’s footsteps. ‘I could never leave this valley,’ she continues. ‘I like it in the summer, I like it in the winter. It’s something that comes from inside. I love nature and doing sport. I don’t like traffic and chaos. I like silence and serenity.’

Dimai has been ascending this magical landscape’s most inaccessible peaks since she was a little girl, and knows all too well its dangers as well as its natural highs. Packing as much courage as experience, Dimai is constantly seeking the sport’s next physical challenge. ‘Climbing is my passion. When I climb I feel good and don’t think about anything except myself, and the rock,’ she attests of the extreme sport. ‘In fact, a good climber uses as little energy as possible.’ One particular cliff-face, which nuzzles the horizon, has affectionately been dubbed her real-life ‘climbing wall’. ‘Every local Alpine climber basically begins here,’ she says. It certainly isn’t for the faint hearted.

And while Dimai may prefer the contemplative quiet of the off-season when the serene solitude allows her to get even closer to nature, she revels in her unique ability to share its magnificent beauty with passionate visitors. ‘You have total responsibility,’ she says of her ‘Guida Alpina’ role. ‘The most important thing is to bring them back home safely and possibly happy,’ she smiles. ‘I like to guide enthusiastic people, those who want to climb a certain mountain because they have fond memories of it, or because they want to put themselves to the test,’ she says. ‘People who really love nature. Easy-going people who want to do it because they feel it in their heart.’

Step by step, whether solo or leading the pack, each day Dimai tackles a new mountain high as she climbs towards the clouds. And, of course, Dimai’s super lightweight, insulating outerwear is just as important as her mountaineering skill set and climbing equipment on this alpine mission. Thanks to the altitude’s ever-changeable weather conditions, every climb in Cortina is by definition a true adventure into the great unknown.

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