Madrid architects Zooco Studio have created a novel take on the traditional café with Gust, a casual eatery in its native city’s affluent Salamanca district. Opened by local entrepreneurs Arthur and Pierre Haushalter, the designers have maximised the limited and unconventional space within a 19th century building to create separate counter and seating areas with distinct and vibrant characters. While the entrance and counter area was designed to extend the energy of the outside street with distinctive Gaudi hexagonal tiles and wooden produce crates, the seating areas have a more tranquil ambience with polished wooden floors and domestic furniture to create a relaxed and cosy atmosphere. Orange trees dotted around the interior continue the exterior-made-interior theme while tying the space to the luscious produce offered by the café; along with detox salads, healthful brunches and sustaining Spanish boccadillo sandwiches, a healthy trade in pastries and indulgent treats ensures local Madrileños can get their sweet fix any time of day.