Paris-based nail specialist, Kure Bazaar, is on a quest to make cleaning polish from nails a more pleasurable experience than we are used to, employing nourishing liquids and floral scents in their new pair of varnish removers.

The essence of the formulations, available in Rose for hydration and Bamboo Ginger for repair, is to make products that are liberated from harmful chemicals and replaced with more skin-friendly varieties. Solvents are derived from sugar cane, wheat and maize to cleanse nails safely and moisturize cuticles deeply.

The Rose version features a soft water-based solvent musk, composed of rose oil and rose water, which fills the surrounding environment with the fragrance of a bouquet of roses, while the Bamboo Ginger combines extracts of bamboo that are rich in silicon, also known as the beauty mineral, which helps to improve the condition of brittle nails.