Inspired by the beautiful and enduring nature of Africa’s night-blooming flowers and indigenous desert and bush plants, skin care brand African Botanics has bottled both their fragrance and healing properties to produce ‘Fleurs d’Afrique.’

African Botanics looks to incorporate the most active plant extracts and botanical components to create natural products that evoke the essence of the African landscape. An intensive recovery oil made in South Africa, ‘Fleurs d’Afrique’ infuses the scent of Baobab flowers and ‘The Queen of the Night,’ handpicked Jasmine Grandiflorum. The oil is made for treating skin exposed to UV damage, pollution, and harsh climates and targets concerns like dryness, fine lines, uneven skin tone, excess oil, and enlarged and clogged pores.

‘Fleurs d’Afrique’ will stimulate skin cell renewal, while refining and protecting skin with Damask Rose and Immortelle flower. Soothing plant extracts and an African Oil Complex fade and fight the signs of aging. To enrich your skin, the oil utilises marine microalgae extract with calming, healing properties while vitamin A and C work together to plump and brighten the skin. Even better, it works with all skin types.

With ‘Fleurs d’Afrique,’ Africa’s sweetest rewards are bottled in the palm of your hand.