Remedy Place New York is part social club, part high-tech wellness hub

Remedy Place opens its first New York outlet with ice bath classes, infrared saunas, hyperbaric oxygen chambers, and more

Remedy Place IV grey lounge beds
Beds for IV treatments at the Remedy Place New York
(Image credit: Remedy Place)

Self-care might often present itself as a solitary pursuit, but an innovative club concept known as Remedy Place is on the path to making your wellness practice a platform for socialising as well. Following a Los Angeles location, Remedy Place New York is newly open.

Remedy Place cryotherapy chamber

The cryotherapy chamber at Remedy Place New York

(Image credit: Remedy Place)

Founded in 2019 by Dr Jonathan Leary, a globally renowned concierge doctor whose dynamic private practice has seen to the needs of the world’s elite, Remedy Place brings together ancient practices, alternative medicine and cutting-edge technology to offer a holistic approach to self and preventative care.

A large emphasis has been put on making the experience social too, with good reason. Dr Leary believes that you can enhance your health through sharing experiences with others and by deepening human connections.

yoga mats at the group experience atrium at Remedy Place New York

The group experience atrium at Remedy Place

(Image credit: Remedy Place)

‘In my prior concierge practice, where I was working out of my patients’ homes, I started to see my patients heal much faster than expected and I believe a portion of this was because of the environment they were in,' says Leary, whose clients include leaders in the film, sports and music industries.

‘When my patients were in their home, aka their comfort zone, their mind was already in a better place, which allowed me to do my job better. In a hospital setting, people have a negative physiological response. Their body tenses up and their heart rate is elevated. If you are trying to heal and you put your body in an uncomfortable place, that is only going to work against you. We wanted the exact opposite with Remedy Place.’

Inside Remedy Place New York

To complement this pioneering philosophy, Dr Leary has constructed a new vision of what wellness should look like. Remedy Place recently opened a stylish, two-storey flagship space in New York’s Flatiron neighbourhood that looks more like a design showroom than a typical wellness studio, with minimalist furniture and a brutalist-inspired interior. 

Remedy Place New York lounge area with grey couches

One of the many lounge areas at Remedy Place 

(Image credit: Remedy Place)

In a living room snug-style lounge area, vitamin drips and shots can be enjoyed by visitors either alone or as a group. Beside this, two hyperbaric oxygen chambers are ready for use and help speed up the body’s recovery and healing process by infusing it with 50 per cent more oxygen. 

Similarly, a whole-body cryotherapy chamber on the other side of the room works to reduce inflammation and boost endorphins in under four minutes at -160 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Remedy Place lounge area with grey bed, walls and curtains

Lymphatic compression lounge at Remedy Place

(Image credit: Remedy Place)

At the lower level of Remedy Place’s New York space lies the club’s hallmark ice baths – the world’s first commercialised breathwork ice bath class, with guided holotropic breathwork followed by up to six minutes of being submerged in 38 degrees Fahrenheit water. Paired with its infrared sauna room, which can novelly fit up to six people in one room, it is the ultimate in improving the state of your mind and body.

Remedy Place ice bath chamber

The ice bath chamber at Remedy Place

(Image credit: Remedy Place)

‘Remedy Place New York has been artistically designed to emphasise our “designed to heal” aspect. We have more lounge space for members to hang out, take meetings, bring a date or work.

‘Most of the custom-designed seating is ergodynamic so that you have proper lumbar support while being beautiful all in one,’ Leary concludes. ‘From the underlying sound frequency underneath our lounge music, to the materials that help block EMF, to scents that clean the air you are breathing, to symmetrically balanced visuals to put your mind at ease, we have thought of it all.’

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