Bright ideas: sink your teeth into these dental care delights

From cracked teeth to mask breath, we chew over the best dental solutions for every oral care woe

Vvardis dental care kit with toothbrush, fluoride toothpaste, mouthwash and whitener
(Image credit: Tilly Macalister-Smith)

Having canvassed the industry for the latest offerings in dental care, we bring you a guide to proper tooth and oral care , spanning from at-home offerings to a new vision of what the dentist’s office should be like. 


Selahatin toothpaste

(Image credit: Selahatin)

Selahatin grew out of tragedy—founder Kristoffer Vural had a stroke that left him paralysed for a year and his senses more responsive to scent and taste. Even brushing his teeth aggravated his senses, so he  created a line of delicious tasting toothpastes with flavours range from the citrusy ‘Of Course I Still Luv You,’ which blends verbena, bergamot, cardamom and pine, and warming ‘Escapist’ which blends cinnamon, orange, and many more.

Klen tongue scraper

klen silver tongue scraper and mouthwash

Writer: Pei-Ru Keh

(Image credit: Klen)

When Dr. Brian Harris launched his comprehensive dental brand Klen this past summer, he wanted to give clients a way to achieve and maintain optimal dental hygiene when a visit to a dentist might not be immediately possible. The LA-based label has not only rethought essentials such as a toothpaste (fluoride-free), mouth rinse, toothbrush, an expanding floss, and breath spray with an all-natural slant, Dr. Harris has also developed several tools, including a medical-grade stainless steel tongue scraper that’s been designed to remove bacteria from the entire tongue at once – a must, especially when dealing with dreaded mask breath or halitosis in general.

Vvardis dental kit

Vvardis white toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste

Writer: Pei-Ru Keh

(Image credit: Tilly Macalister-Smith)

Whitening, brightening, and protecting teeth might not be revolutionary demands when it comes to oral care, but the freshly launched dental label Vvardis counts on innovative new technology to get results. Its patented formula, which is sustainably produced in Switzerland, mimics enamel’s natural remineralization process. Added fluoride helps to fight cavities, prevent acid erosion, and also whiten teeth, without any peroxide. Formulated by dentists and sisters Golnar and Haleh Abivardi, the four-piece line is made up of a fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash, a brush-on whitening gel serum (all enriched with its proprietary WX Formula) and a sustainably made toothbrush crafted from Swiss beechwood, designed to prevent over-scrubbing.

Quip refillable floss pick

Quip refillable floss string and refillable floss pick

Writer: Pei-Ru Keh

(Image credit: Quip)

When Quip launched its affordable electric toothbrush back in 2015, it became ubiquitous and a staple for any design-forward sink side. Now available in a smart version and kids size as well, Quip has gone on to extends its mission for accessible, high-quality care to other aspects of the oral care realm. Since launching its refillable floss string last year, the brand unveiled a refillable floss pick – a sleek, intuitive and eco-friendly alternative for the non-conventional flosser. Made to house Quip’s expandable nylon floss that are each housed in a 100% recyclable paper refill pod, the floss pick replaces 180 single-use plastic picks at one time. Housed in an equally stylish compact, complete with a built-in mirror, flossing could not be more appealing.

Byte aligners

byte dental aligners with molding putty, trays, and mouth stretcher

Writer: Pei-Ru Keh

(Image credit: Byte)

Teledentistry might still be taking flight, but at the head of the pack is Byte, a doctor-directed orthodontic brand that has developed a kit for invisible aligners, primed for at-home use. For a monthly fee of under $100 per month, clients will be able to get straighter teeth all from the comfort of home. To start, dental impressions are taken from home and sent back to Byte’s LA headquarters. The company’s network of licensed orthodontists then creates a treatment plan and a 3D model that tracks week-by-week progress. The custom-made aligners are then sent back to the client, along with HyperByte, a proprietary high frequency vibration device that helps to increase the rate of tooth movement and cuts down the treatment time by half.

Terra & Co pulling mouthwash 

Brilliant Black Pulling Oil

(Image credit: Terra & Co)

In search of naturally whitening toothcare, sisters Amra and Azra Hajdarevic developed a line of products infused with charcoal, which naturally absorbs impurities. With over two decades of experience in the beauty business, they combined their passion, knowledge and address books to create a set of products in contrast to those full of harmful chemicals that get absorbed by gums. Their Brilliant Black Pulling Oil, a powerful Ayurvedic blend of coconut oil, activated charcoal, peppermint oil, works to reduce inflammation, bad breath and dry mouth. Plus it looks good on the bathroom shelf.

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