Chemical reaction: a modern holistic haven in Taiwan reinvents the pharmacy

Chemical reaction: a modern holistic haven in Taiwan reinvents the pharmacy

In contrast to the often unwelcoming, sterile composition of pharmacies, Molecure Pharmacy in Taichung, Taiwan, has been designed with a modern holistic concept in mind. Designed by local architecture practice Waterfrom Design, the store has become a hub of health for the community and aims to be the leading health expert in Asia.

Because of his experience working in the medical field, Molecure founder Yen Po Liu recognised there was a need for a contemporary change in the way we dispense medicine and promote health. For Liu, ‘The retail environment is not just about sales and numbers – I wanted to try and do something more for society. I wanted to create a space that feels like an art piece.’ The interior design encourages an ambience that endorses a healthy state of mind. By combining aspects of nature and the modernity of technology, Liu does just that.

Resembling the structure of a DNA strand, customers can ascend the bronzed spiral staircase in the centre of the store

The open dispensing area known as the ‘green laboratory’ features a large counter, the base made from the trunk of a century-old tree. The walls are decorated with white beach pebbles and lined with floor-to-ceiling metal and lightweight glass modular-systems. Display cases are stocked in abundance with attractive remedial products and antique medicine bottles and a bronzed spiral staircase stands in the centre of the store, cleverly imitating the double-helix structure of a DNA molecule. Even the store’s nomenclature is inspired by nature and science, stemming from the foundation of pharmacology – medications are made from molecules that imitate natural products to cure ailments.

But, at Molecure, the pharmacists aren’t just pharmacists. Not only a shoulder to lean on in time of need, they are skilled baristas offering hand-dripped coffee and a selection of rejuvenating juices too. With calming music and an aroma of coffee floating throughout the store, Molecure creates a relaxing setting for customers and a new pharmaceutical experience. The pharmacy looks to hold community events in the near future, including outdoor yoga and free park runs. ‘Health is not just about medication and supplementation,’ Liu says – it’s a lifestyle.

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