Photographer Zoe Ghertner on her new wellness venture, neoNutritions

Zoe Ghertner has partnered with Fee Steinvorth to create neoNutritions, a supplement brand for ‘mind, body and spirit’

NeoNutritions by Zoe Ghertner: campaign images of model with powder on neck and in hand
(Image credit: Photography by Zoe Ghertner)

Zoe Ghertner is one of the most revered fashion photographers working in the industry today. Having collaborated with the likes of Chanel, Gucci, The Row, Miu Miu, and Hermès, the American-born image maker and creative director is renowned for her editorial work showing subjects in a naturalistic style. Now, Ghertner has partnered with Fee Steinvorth, an artist and wellness practitioner, to found neoNutritions, a health and wellness-focused brand that has been years in the making. ‘Though neoNutritions launched in late 2023, we planted the seed long ago and it took four years for us to bring our 100 per cent organic, vegan, gluten-free, and high-vibrational nutritional supplement powders to fruition,’ Ghertner and Steinvorth tell Wallpaper*.

NeoNutritions campaign image: model lies on sand

(Image credit: Photography by Zoe Ghertner)

Zoe Ghertner and Fee Steinvorth on neoNutritions

These powdered supplements are designed to help build on ‘body, mind and spirit’ through food and vitamins. The two hero supplements the brand has launched with are called The Ultimate Foundation, and a booster named The Ultimate Beauty. ‘I like to call The Ultimate Foundation a liquid lifeforce,’ says Steinvorth. ‘Food is the quickest route to live in this state of flow. This idea has been around for thousands of years. “Annamaya Kosha”, or as we know the phrase today, “we are what we eat“.‘

The Ultimate Foundation is made with seeds, greens, fruits, algae, adaptogens, and restorative roots, and The Ultimate Beauty contains sea buckthorn, birch leaf, and manjistha, which are rich in antioxidants. ‘The benefits are as holistic as the formula, lowering inflammation and detoxifying, improving gut health and digestion, and boosting immunity and energy.’ (These additions to your diet are also said to have effects on your rest, sex drive, and focus.) It is recommended that the powders, which are contained in individual sachets, are added to dairy or nut milk, ghee, aloe vera juice, or water in quantities of eight ounces For the Ultimate Foundation and two ounces for the Ultimate Beauty. They can also be added into smoothies or juices.

NeoNutritions campaign image: model from afar on rock

(Image credit: Photography by Zoe Ghertner)

The branding and visual identity of neoNutritions are true to Ghertner’s signature aesthetic. ‘[The branding] is minimal and direct but always with a strong connection to both human and technology, science and spirit,’ says Ghertner. ‘Colour is important to us and so is leaving space and breathing room that allows for interpretation. Our photography speaks to the bold possibility of change. It is important to me that our imagery, our packaging and everything we do is open and allows room for contemplation, wonder and breath.’

For the campaign, Ghertner worked with casting director Rosie Vogel, to assemble a crew of models including supermodel Kirsty Hume, skateboarder, entrepreneur and breathwork teacher Alex Olson, athlete and model Jeneil Williams, and dancer and choreographer Vinson Fraley. ‘Each person we photographed was intentionally chosen to represent different aspects of what we stand for. Kirsty, as a herbalist, represents eternal beauty and plant wisdom. With Alex, body alignment has always played a big part in who he is, both through his skating and yoga/meditation practice. Movement is an integral part of neoNutritions, and Vinson expresses this with strength, beauty and honesty.’

NeoNutritions campaign image: man with beard and long hair in sunshine

(Image credit: Photography by Zoe Ghertner)

For Ghertner and Steinvorth, these initial supplement launches are the beginning of a longer journey, with conscious production methods at its heart. ‘We source all ingredients from responsible producers who use organic farming practices and offer sustainable wages for the humans who care for them,’ the duo explain. ‘It allows us to provide the most meticulous, exceptional ingredients and create thoughtful formulations that feed the mind, body, and soul. neoNutritions takes a no-compromises approach to our formulations and their quality.’

Both neoNutritions products are manufactured in the USA in a TGA-registered, Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) compliant facility, which is recognised by NSF International. ‘We maintain entire batch manufacturing records, which ensures all finished products are 100 per cent traceable. We also maintain rigorous independent audits of our manufacturing facility and toxicological reviews that verify product formulation and label claims and prevent unsafe levels of contaminants.’

NeoNutritions campaign image: model smiling

(Image credit: Photography by Zoe Ghertner)

‘My work and my life are intrinsically linked by an ethos. Everything I create is born out of a set of values I hold, namely trying to put good out into the world,’ concludes Ghertner. ‘This is also the mission of neoNutritions. We want to allow everyone the opportunity to create change in their bodies and whole beings in different ways and learn deeply about themselves.’

The Ultimate Foundation and The Ultimate Beauty powdered supplements are available now.

NeoNutritions campaign image; lips covered in sand

(Image credit: Photography by Zoe Ghertner)
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