Curated by Graham Bignell of Hoxton’s New North Press and graphic designer Richard Ardagh, ’Reverting to Type’ is an ode to the letterpress, and at no better time, as the art has been enjoying a welcome renaissance lately. Pinpointing pioneers at the forefront of the contemporary letterpress resurgence, the show, which opens at London’s Standpoint Gallery on the 10th December, brings together a wide body of prints and publications, as well as New North Press’s debut series of collaborative prints.
reverting to type

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While getting a good amount of British presses involved, Bignell and Ardagh were also keen to give things a global perspective, and set about contacting practitioners from around the world whose work interested them.
The result is a motley crew of artists, from computer-based designers to traditional presses who strive to modernise the craft.
Not keeping the festive season out of consideration either, a majority of the exhibits will be for sale and the gallery is also hosting a working Adana press for visitors to hand-print personalised Christmas cards.