Spread the Fred: Queensland brand introduces organic sun cream

Spread the Fred: Queensland brand introduces organic sun cream

Aspiring to create ‘friendly suncare that stops you looking like a baked lobster after days under the rays’, comes a new skincare product concocted by our friends down under.

Stuff by Fred is a new Australian suncare brand aiming to epitomise the phrase ’does what it says on the tin’. Motivated by concerns about the array of chemicals currently used in mass-market sunscreen products, the Aussie company has created an organic alternative. With this product, the
Queensland-based brand further hopes to aid in reducing the carbon emissions created through the production of artificial sun lotions.

Stuff by Fred is not shy in detailing all the substances used within its products, proudly declaring that the ingredients include the likes of zinc oxide, coconut oil, beeswax and cocoa butter. Conscious of their organic objective, the company states that its ‘goal is to always use ingredients you can spell, pronounce and even taste’.

However, fearing that customers may assume the product is less effective than its man-made SPF50 competitors, Stuff by Fred ensures that its organic blend protects skin from 95 per cent of UVA UVB rays. Putting across its guarantee in a humorous way, it says ‘if this stuff can keep Fred’s freckly face from looking like a ripe tomato, then it will keep pretty much anyone safe’.

Through the use of its likable logo, humorous product descriptions and friendly intentions, we doubt that it’ll be long until all sunbathers are spreading the Fred.

Stuff by Fred is aiming to launch in the UK in the near future.

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