Susanne Kaufmann has been one of our favourite skincare brands since its launch over ten years ago. It married authentically local, Alpine organic ingredients, with serious scientific clout long before others who now shout about these credentials. And put it in the sort of simple, white, utilitarian packaging that makes us radiant just by looking at it on our shelves.

Now the Austrian holistic skincare specialist has teamed up with Vorarlberg-based hair stylist Christoph Tomann to launch a rare haircare line that fits the ‘functional naturals’ brief. Free of synthetics, mineral oils and silicones, and using the best parts of plants for the job, they have created a range of shampoos and conditioners, an intensive mask and a serum.

The goal is to maintain and restore hair health, with the magic happening directly at the roots. Silk proteins soothe and treat the scalp, and moisturise and protect the shaft from the harsher environmental effects. The shine has now moved shower-side.

As originally featured in the September 2015 edition of Wallpaper* (W*198)