Style Club salon, Dublin

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Dubliners with an urge for a cut and blow dry are in for forty shades of treat at the city’s latest salon. Style Club, on boutique-and-café-strewn South William Street, is a graphic feast for the eyes.

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The seeming chaos of bright colours and mad patterns are courtesy of New Yorker Garry Cohn, architect at Douglas Wallace in Dublin. 'I was thinking of Alice in Wonderland as a punk rocker,' he says of his interiors. But there is method in his madness. 'It works because of the carefully placed proportions of graphics, geometrics and natural forms, meaning your eye doesn’t get lost. And then the white floor with its tiled runner grounds the whole space.'

The best bit, surely, is the wall of convex mirrors, which reflect the design all over again. These are the sorts of looking glasses that pre-CCTV were found suspended in the corners of supermarkets.

Style Club, with its 26 styling stations, is part of 70-strong Irish salon chain, Peter Mark, but it’s designed as a true one off. Meanwhile, upstairs, Cohn has created an altogether more serene environment where wannabe stylists get their training.

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