Repair me: Kevin.Murphy’s new superfood range caters to damaged hair

New Repair Me
Kevin.Murphy's new haircare range, Repair-Me.Wash, Repair-Me.Rinse and Re.Store, uses a mix of scientific technology and superfood proteins to bring brittle hair back to health
(Image credit: press)

Australian hair care brand Kevin.Murphy, known for a fashion-focused range of salon only products, is extending its repertoire with a new scope of goods. ‘Repair.Me’, the title of Kevin.Murphy’s latest launch, was born by utilising both skincare research and scientific technology to repair damaged hair.

Comprising of three products – Repair-Me.Wash, Repair-Me.Rinse and Re.Store – the aim was to create a range which would strengthen, moisturise and protect hair by using naturally-derived superfood proteins and fruit enzymes, restoring brittle hair back to its optimum health.

The sulphate- and paraben-free products work in conjunction in a three-part system. In its ‘Repair-Me.Wash’ shampoo, Kevin.Murphy promotes hair growth with antioxidants and active enzymes derived from anti-ageing paw paw fruit, nettle extracts, and nourishing green pea protein. The ‘Repair-Me.Rinse’ conditioner increases lustre with moisturising shea butter, smoothing aloe leaf extract, and açai, the latter rich in vitamins A, C and E, restoring damaged hair. While the former two products may be used together every day, once or twice a week they should both be replaced with ‘Re.Store’, a cleansing conditioning treatment. With a blend of papaya and weight-less pineapple extracts, the treatment features a no-foam technology as to cleanse hair and provide targeted nutrition simultaneously. It gives hair a shot of pure vegetable protein, leaving an overall softness and healthier feel – think of it as a super-food juice for your hair.

The jewel-like appearance of the azure-coloured bottles, the shapes synonymous with the brand and conceived by design agency Container Made Australia, is fitting for the company’s next generation products. As Kevin.Murphy not only upholds his sustainable philosophy with Repair.Me’s natural ingredients, derived from renewable sources, the brand also applies this approach to its recyclable and biodegradable packaging by focusing on both human and environmental issues that matter.


Repair.Me will be available in selected salons in the US starting January 2016, and in the UK beginning April 2016. Prices range from USD $32-35. For more information visit the Kevin.Murphy website