Present & Correct takes us back to school this Christmas, with its vintage classroom-themed ’Pop-In’ shop at London’s House of Propellers.
The stationery and homewares website has assembled desks, a black board, typewriters and candy cane decorations at the Clerkenwell gallery, where it will be selling rare and out-of-print books, posters, desk paraphernalia and more. It’s school days without the lessons - just how we like it.
The online store first caught our attention in 2008 (W*115) with its unusual collection of paper goods that mix clean graphics with a modernist sensibility. Set up by Neal Whittington, Present & Correct makes its own products, as well as sells vintage items and new pieces from designers all over the globe.
Highlights at House of Propellers include books and games by designers like Bruno Munari and Charley Harper, vintage French school posters, hand-printed jotters and an Olivetti typewriter - Christmas presents that will score you top marks.