Many would argue that design art has had its time in the spotlight. After a couple of years of headline-grabbing price tags and career trajectories that went from student to superstar in one sale, things have certainly calmed down. Which is good news for those who entered the fray with genuine talent like Chilean designer Sebastian Errazuriz.


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Represented by the New York-based design gallery Cristina Grajales Inc. Errazuriz’s designs, though always limited in quantity and boundary pushing in concept, still have function at their core and are all beautifully crafted. Making small but significant changes to the way things look and/or function is what he does, thereby changing the way we view and interact with seemingly innocuous objects.
For instance shelving made of piano keys that fold up individually when not in use, or the anglepoise lamp attached to a stuffed duck in place of the head, or a dress made from nothing but zips that you can zip-up or unzip depending how long or short you want it. ‘I am interested in the meaning that each object has and how these meanings can swiftly change with small variations; creating awareness, inviting dialogues and discussions. I try to appropriate, de-contextualize and re-think these objects so they can be returned to reality, re-invented in such a way that they can invite other people to stop, look again and re-think’, explains Errazuriz.
The designer-artist currently has his first solo show on – Sebastian E: Working Against Time – at Cristina Grajales’ gallery on Greene Street. We took the opportunity to find out what a day in the life of a man who envisages ducks with light attachments for heads might consist of…