Ib Geertsen is one of Denmark’s best-kept secrets. Indeed for a man who has been a prolific painter for over 70 years there’s precious little information to be found about him, which only makes him more intriguing.


See more of Geertsen’s work
Trust Rocket Gallery, champions of the lesser known who deserve more attention, to have unearthed him and given him a beautiful retrospective in time for his ninetieth birthday.
The self-taught Geertsen lives and still works in Copenhagen. After initially training as a gardener he put down his gardening tools, picked up a paintbrush and became a pioneer of the Danish ‘Konkrete’ movement, experimenting with the geometrical abstraction of shape and colour.
In the last four decades Geertsen has expanded his repertoire to include screen prints, mobiles and furniture all of which, together with an extensive collection of catalogues and literature, are on display at Rocket. Some of the artist’s greater public projects, such as designing the livery of a Copenhagen bus and many extensive wall murals, have understandably been left out. But as a combined introduction and retrospective of someone whose work deserves to be lauded outside their homeland, Rocket has done him proud.