Dive into these new architecture books: Spring 2024's reading

The Wallpaper* guide to the new architecture books for Spring 2024 - from meaty monographs to themed explorations and lots of immersive visuals

Veritti Tomb, Udine, Italy, 1951. Carlo Scarpa with Angelo Masieri. seen in a tome on scarpa as part of this spring's new architecture books
Veritti Tomb, Udine, Italy, 1951. Carlo Scarpa with Angelo Masieri.
(Image credit: Cemal Emden, 2024)

There's lots to read about this month, as our selection of new architecture books for Spring 2024 offers something for everyone - from explorations of materials and unbuilt architecture to architecture monographs and current trends. Modernist classics rub shoulders with contemporary marvels in this compilation that will keep you busy and interested. 

The finest new architecture books for Spring 2024

Carlo Scarpa: The Complete Buildings (Prestel)

Zentner House, Zurich, Switzerland, 1964– 68. Carlo Scarpa.

Zentner House, Zurich, Switzerland (1964– 68) by Carlo Scarpa

(Image credit: Cemal Emden, 2024.)

One of the most celebrated European Modernists, Italian Carlo Scarpa (1906 - 1978) has left a rich legacy, which is celebrated in this new tome by Prestel. The book looks into the architect's well- and lesser-known works, which effortlessly blend the historical and the futuristic, the classic and the modern, as well as natural and human-made materials in timeless classics, such as the Veritti Tomb in Udine, the Olivetti Showroom in Venice, and the Banca Popolare di Verona. Words by Emiliano Bugatti and Jale N. Erzen are accompanied by new photography by Cemal Emden.

Carlo Scarpa: The Complete Buildings, £40.99, Amazon

Matteo Thun: Stories (Callwey)

image of matteo thun and friends at a party in the 1980s

(Image credit: Matteo Thun)

A captivating autobiographical book, 'Stories' by Matteo Thun, offers a deep dive into the life and work of the influential architect. With a career spanning four decades - and counting - Thun has been prolific, designing some of the world's most renowned resorts, and public, residential and office buildings. Taking the reader on a journey across the globe to look at them, this book also provides insights into the architect's personal life and friendships, as well as his past and present, revealing the personality and force behind those architectural projects that we know and love.

Stories by Matteo Thun, £25, Waterstones

Brutalist Plants (Hoxton Mini Press)

Brutalist Plants by Olivia Broome is published by Hoxton Mini Press

(Image credit: Courtesy of Hoxton Mini Press)

Brutalist Plants’ offers an immersive selection of visuals that captures the very best of the new-ish trend of 'eco-brutalism'. Coming from humble beginnings - an Instagram account which gained rapid traction from followers who were attracted to its bold juxtaposition of concrete greys and leafy greens - the book, authored by Olivia Broome, explores the texture-rich movement that focuses on brutalist architecture that has been - to varying degrees - embraced by flora. 

Brutalist Plants by Olivia Broome, £20, Waterstones

California Houses: Creativity in Context (Thames & Hudson)

California Houses: Creativity in Context, by Michael Webb

(Image credit: Thames & Hudson)

The author of 'California Houses: Creativity in Context', Wallpaper* occasional contributor Michael Webb, explores the homes that epitomise the pioneering thinking and expressive nature of domestic architecture in the State's context. The tome delves into the typology through the presentation of 36 houses, from Hollywood Modernism to contemporary sustainable architecture examples. 

California Houses: Creativity in Context, £45, Waterstones

Concrete Architecture

Concrete Architecture, published by Phaidon

(Image credit: Phaidon)

Concrete Architecture surveys more than a century’s worth of the world’s most influential buildings using the much-used construction material - from brutalist memorials to sculptural apartment blocks. The meaty tome includes examples from across the globe, spanning the material’s earliest usage right up to the present day. Some of the best-known architects of the modern era shaped their reputations in concrete; it remains the preeminent component of infrastructure projects around the world. 

Concrete Architecture, £59.95, Waterstones

The Architecture of Studio MK27. Lights, camera, action

flag house by marcio kogan and studio mk27 hero exterior: Best Ski Retreat, Wallpaper* Design Awards 2023

(Image credit: Fernando Guerra)

'The Architecture of Studio MK27. Lights, camera, action' may first catch your attention for its jaw-dropping array of the Brazilian practice's inspiring private homes; but it will retain it, for its founder Marcio Kogan's captivating journey and way of thinking that bridges architecture and film, highlighting the buildings' experiential side. The book is the first monograph on the studio's work and presents a strong selection of recent projects, along with an overview of the five key elements that go into Studio MK27’s approach. These are each helmed by a different writer, including architects Gabriel Kogan and Filippo Bricolo, Wallpaper’s own Ellie Stathaki, regular contributor Scott Mitchem and dezeen’s Amy Frearson. 

The Architecture of Sudio MK27, £50, Waterstones

London Estates: Modernist Council Housing 1946-1981

London Estates: Modernist Council Housing 1946–1981, Thaddeus Zupančič

(Image credit: Thaddeus Zupančič / FUEL)

With 'London Estates: Modernist Council Housing 1946-1981,' author and photographer Thaddeus Zupančič isn’t claiming to make a comprehensive study of every example of the capital’s extensive post-war, modernist architecture housing. Instead, he is seeking out the best, the blighted and the occasionally overlooked housing schemes in a deeply political book about residential architecture. In doing so, he has assembled an important record.

London Estates: Modernist Council Housing 1946-1981, £26.95, Waterstones

Atlas of Never Built Architecture (Phaidon)

Atlas of Never Built Architecture, Phaidon

(Image credit: Phaidon)

Phaidon's 'Atlas of Never Built Architecture', authored by Sam Lubell and Greg Goldin, is a valuable survey of a fascinating alternative history of the buildings that never were, grand plans that failed to get off the drawing board, due to politics, money, or a straightforward lack of any realistic chance for construction. 

Atlas of Never Built Architecture, £100, Waterstones

Louis I. Kahn: The Last Notebook (Lars Müller)

spread of Louis Kahn's notebook Faksimile book The Last Notebook

(Image credit: Courtesy of University of Pennsylvania Archives)

The latest Louis Kahn-themed book, 'The Last Notebook', launched at Milan Design Week this year, is a fascinating insight into the great modernist architecture master's thoughts and processes.  It is the exact reproduction of the architect’s final notebook, showing his early sketches of Four Freedoms Park, interiors and drawings of furniture, notes to himself, and a draft for an acceptance speech. ‘My dream for this book is that it not be a very precious thing, but something where you can see him as a person and not some kind of architectural idol that's on a pedestal,’ says Sue Ann Kahn. ‘And then I hope you are inspired to use the blank pages to make your own drawings, write your own thoughts.’

Louis I. Kahn: The Last Notebook, £38, Waterstones

Christophe Gevers Monograph (Jean-Pierre Gabriel)

Christophe Gevers architecture, interior and furniture designs

(Image credit: Jean-Pierre Gabriel)

Christophe Gevers may feel less familiar to wider audiences than other figures in 20th-century and modernist architecture; but now, this new monograph dedicated to his portfolio, curated and photographed by Jean-Pierre Gabriel, puts a spotlight to his oeuvre. The Belgian designer (1928-2007) has been celebrated among his peers for his intricate craftsmanship, architecture and interiors, and this book explains just why.

Christophe Gevers Monograph, $95, Copyrightbookshop

Ellie Stathaki is the Architecture & Environment Director at Wallpaper*. She trained as an architect at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece and studied architectural history at the Bartlett in London. Now an established journalist, she has been a member of the Wallpaper* team since 2006, visiting buildings across the globe and interviewing leading architects such as Tadao Ando and Rem Koolhaas. Ellie has also taken part in judging panels, moderated events, curated shows and contributed in books, such as The Contemporary House (Thames & Hudson, 2018), Glenn Sestig Architecture Diary (2020) and House London (2022).