Wallpaper* & Cadillac: Miami

Wallpaper* & Cadillac: Miami

Redefining Standards is a showcase of young talent — those who embody the bold, relentless spirit of Cadillac. We talked with the visionary artists about their collaboration with Cadillac and how it shaped their final creations.

One word: luxury. That’s what Hawaii native Syrette Lew, the brains behind Brooklyn studio Moving Mountains, thought when she started working with Cadillac.

‘I thought long and hard about what would represent Cadillac,” she says. ‘When I get commissions like these, I really do take that into consideration.’ But at the same time she also wanted the commission to be representative of the distinctive Moving Mountains aesthetic she has crafted since she opened her studio in 2014: spare, minimalist design with pops of bright colour that looks like MoMA made its way to your living room. And just because the work was destined for Art Basel didn’t mean she was going to change her vibe in favour of  a conceptual piece. So she created a contemporary take on the regal chaise longue—it’s equal parts luxury and utility.

‘I make functional pieces,’ she explains. ‘This piece is totally functional and comfortable. I did really think long and hard about how I could use the Cadillac materials in the best way and showcase that.’

The result is a bold, geometric interpretation of the chaise longue, with subtle touches reminiscent of the Cadillac brand’s long influence on the car industry. ‘I think when you look at it you might not think, Oh, Cadillac chaise longue, but I think the materials—the leather and the veneer—really informed that part. That’s the reference to Cadillac… the rich materials that really give it some warmth,’ she adds. ‘It’s a really polished piece. I actually just moved it into my studio, and it looks great. I’m really excited about it.’

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