Wallpaper* & Parajumpers: Highland Treasure

Wallpaper* & Parajumpers: Highland Treasure

The all-weather luxury brand’s legacy of adventure plays out in its 7-part ‘Stories’ travelogue film series

The rich and raw rural scenery of the Scottish Highlands lends a romantic backdrop to Method Studio’s bespoke trunk and furniture business, founded by husband-and-wife team, architect Marisa Giannasi and cabinetmaker Callum Robinson.

Established in 2009, the design duo’s studio is nestled within the wilderness of Linlithgow, a place of extreme elements and stunning beauty. ‘We take a great amount of ideas from the landscape surrounding us,’ says Giannasi of the family company, which works with some of the world’s finest artisans.

‘Our story is very important to us,’ she continues. ‘We don’t just sell a product, we sell the story of how the product was made, the story of where the tree came from, the story of the man who sold us the tree.’

Over the years, the studio has worked with a wide range of prestigious luxury brands and private clients on customised trunks and furnishings – products that fuse innovative technology with authentic design. Timeless pieces, imbued with sentimental value and a dash of humour, are its signature. One bespoke case titled ‘Single Malt Security’ is in effect a travelling ‘malt vault’ for fine whisky, and comes accompanied by cut crystal glassware handmade in England. ‘We’re very inspired by travel and theatre,’ adds Giannasi, ‘so the objects that we create all have a surprise to them.’

The pair have also consulted on beauty brand Aesop’s first Scottish boutique, in Edinburgh’s Stockbridge area – overseeing the store’s handcrafted furnishings and bespoke interior fit-out – as well as a tea chest for Fortnum & Mason, a case for a one-off Vacheron Constantin tourbillon minute repeater, and a custom-made fragrance case for perfumer Jo Malone.

In short, they believe that the truest form of luxury is personalisation and they have therefore made it their life’s mission to create unique, handcrafted artisanal objects. ‘What we do is very authentic, our pieces have a heart and soul,’ explains Giannasi. The pair seek to move beyond price points and labels into the domain of legacy: ‘The true use of the things that we make is to last a lifetime.’

For the couple, the journey, as with all great adventures, is just as important as the final destination, and so they encourage clients to come and visit them in their unique environs. ‘There’s something about the sights and smells of a workshop that enlivens the senses and brings exciting ideas to the surface,’ Giannasi smiles.

Materially speaking, they work with only the highest-quality suppliers on locally sourced oak and ash, along with organically farmed leather, crystal and silver. ‘We like to use our local forest as much as we can and our local saw miller,’ says Giannasi of their close-knit supply chain. ‘Our clients care very much about the materials. They care about something being honest and true: original, organic and beautiful,’ she sums up. Just like the exceptional environment that surrounds the duo’s home studio.

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