Bang & Olufsen place great emphasis on extraordinary attention to detail. Every single aspect of their products are constructed to industry-leading tolerances, be it the physical feel of a remote control, the movement of a mechanism or the projection of sound. The fusion of technical innovation, high-end craftsmanship and rigorously applied design has given the Danish company a unique identity.

The BeoVision Avant is the latest product to encapsulate this approach. The television itself was styled by a team led by Torsten Valeur at David Lewis Designers. From the outset, the vision was for a product that unveiled itself, taking up minimal space when not in use but unfolding and gliding into position when summoned. Valeur worked closely with Bang & Olufsen’s sensior engineer Jakob Graabaek, the man charged with transforming prototypes into the graceful device you see before you. Not only did the Avant have to inhabit a slender, graceful case befitting the brand, but it had to incorporate a series of complex mechanical movements that operated with the same quiet simplicity and grace.

A Bang & Olufsen product is not unduly complex, yet the company is not about minimalism for minimalism’s sake; Valeur describes the designs as strictly hierarchical. In the case of the BeoVision Avant, the dominant form is of course the substantial LED screen, a 55” high definition display that has to be supported and surrounded. To build the perfect framework for the television, the design and engineering team worked up numerous physical prototypes, developing ultra-compact but highly efficient electric motors to power the stands, while the company’s acoustic engineering division worked hard to incorporate a state-of-the-art three channel stereo system into the slim aluminium case. The result is an extraordinary, immersive experience, the crisply vivid 4K display enhanced by design.