Designer Rad Hourani worked with perfumer Christophe Raynaud to create fragrance No. 4 ’Ascent’ for Six Scents. Here he tells us how it came to fruition

How did you become involved in the Six Scents project?

I was invited by Kaya Sorhaindo [Six Scents’ creative director] to be a part of series three with Givaudan and I was already interested in creating a perfume. It is a great debut to do it with such a great team and I’m very pleased with the result: I wear my perfume everyday.


What was the creative process like?

I like the idea of a transformable scent that fits with my transformable garments and I thought it was great when my perfumer Christopher Raynaud from Givaudan suggested mixing my favourite scents together in a gradual way from birth to death to create Ascent. It’s a transformable scent in which the origin of life is expressed by a fresh accord, green and watery, like a drop of sperm. Childhood is evoked by baby powder; it’s a musky and powdery scent. Midlife is expressed by a leathery note, comfortable yet strong like a leather jacket. Then the end of life is symbolized by incense - not with a morbid odour but with a liturgical one that evokes the ambiance of churches.


How was this different from your usual creative approach?

Everything I do, I do for myself first. I always make sure that everything represents my vision and the world that I live in. My perfume fits in completely with this ethos.


What were the challenges in sharing creative control with someone else?

It was a perfect fit to work with Christophe Raynaud. He really understood my style and what I do. He translated my vision of the cycle of life into a scent. It was a real creative process.


What element of your childhood/youth inspired this fragrance?

All the scents that reminded me of my childhood were mixed to create one scent that represents the way I feel today: rose for love, leather for sex, musk for hope, incense for death. It’s always great to observe the past and move forward. Life, timeless unisex scents is the story of Ascent.

How does the fragrance you’ve created reflect you/your style?

It’s a unisex, transformable timeless scent that represents my style perfectly. You can’t really tell the exact scent when you wear the perfume and I’m always inspired by the idea of creating something that can’t be defined by a limited category. I’m inspired by things that make me curious and make me react in a new way.