Style findings: dispatches from the Wallpaper* fashion team

Style findings: dispatches from the Wallpaper* fashion team

The American artist and trailblazer Simone Leigh has won the 2018 Hugo Boss Prize. Leigh, who was born in Chicago to Jamaican parents and is now based in New York, is best known for her use of African ceramics and pottery to investigate black female subjectivity and ethnography. With a practice that includes sculpture, video and installation, Leigh’s works often employs materials and forms typically seen in African art. As the 12th winner of the Hugo Boss Prize, Leigh now joins the ranks of former recipients of the $100,000 prize, administered by the Guggenheim Foundation, which have included Matthew Barney (1996), Tacita Dean (2006) and Danh V (2012), in recognition of her outstanding contribution to contemporary art.

Writer: Pei-Ru Keh

Leigh glee
21 October
Samsung couture dress

Recent Edinburgh College of Art graduate Aurélie Fontan is the first designer to create a collection entirely with a smartphone. By partnering with Samsung, the sustainable designer used the Galaxy Note9 to design and produce her ‘Mobile Couture’ outfits, employing new technologies such as 3D printing, digital sketching and design robots. The futuristic dresses were then crafted at a very high speed with strips of recyclable leather fixed together with biodegradable plastic clips. When such a small tool can now be used to direct the creation of a whole garment, who knows what else the future holds.

Writer: Morgane Nyfeler

Smart dressing
20 October
Andy Hung lego brick Sylvie Gucci bag

Earlier this month, we were lucky enought to catch a glimpse of the 17 exhibition rooms showcasing Gucci and Maurizio Cattelan’s ‘The Artist is Present show at the Yuz Museum in Shanghai. The exhibition explores the power of copy culture and appropriation within the art world today, and performing a particular brick trick is this Lego version of Gucci’s signature Sylvie bag, created by Chinese artist Andy Hung. The chic style is created from over 1,000 pieces of both standard and custom-shaped Lego bricks, and took three weeks to create. There’s a more military endeavour behind Hung’s next Lego project - a real size recreation of the soldiers in the Terracotta army, chariots cavalry horses and all. Andy Hung Chi-Kin (LEGO Certified Professional) Gucci Sylvie bag made with LEGO bricks. Image courtesy of Gucci

Writer: Laura Hawkins

Lego likeness
19 October
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