Handmade 2013: the projects

Handmade 2013: the projects

For our annual salute to craft and creativity, we bring together the best designers, artists, and manufacturers to make one-off wonders. Here, browse all the fruits of Handmade 2013

’Blue Porter’
Mathias Kiss and Pierre Frey

This is a reflection on the fold and deformation of rigid materials, using a combination of craftsmanship and contemporary experimentation. Mathias Kiss drew and painted the marble patterns using an oil painting technique he learned as an apprentice Compagnons, the French guild of craftsmen and artisans that dates back to the Middle Ages.

Mathias Kiss
Mathias Kiss is an artist and interior designer based in Paris. He has also designed sets for Wallpaper* photo shoots and runs the Attilalou workshop with Olivier Piel. In addition to creating his glorious hand-painted interiors, he also produces objects for gallery Armel Soyer in Paris. His ‘Froissé’ mirror won a Wallpaper* Design Award this year.

Pierre Frey
Founded in 1935, French luxury design house Pierre Frey is a family-owned business that designs, creates and manufactures fabrics and wallpapers. The company’s collection of over 7,000 items includes not only Pierre Frey designs, but also collections from the company’s three brands: Braquenié, Fadini Borghi and Boussac.

Photography: Tommaso Sartori

Wine chillers
Joe Doucet and Neal Feay Studio

It’s not just our proclivities that make us love these beautiful wine chillers. They keep chilled wine cool by trapping air between the bottle and interior of the container, reducing heat loss caused by conduction, convection and radiation. There are two shapes, one for Burgundy bottles and one for white Bordeaux. The decoration on the outside is inspired by natural patterns, particularly wind-worked sand and snow, and wind directional maps.

Joe Doucet
American designer, inventor and artist, Joe Doucet’s work deftly brings together function and visual appeal and, at the same time, conveys layers of meaning and message. Doucet believes that design and, more importantly, a designer’s thought process can play a larger role in innovation and problem solving, as well as aesthetics, be it for brands, their product portfolios or for a broader social context.

Neal Feay Studio
Neal Feay are the global leaders in creative aluminium. They are master craftsmen as well as technical wizards and are the only people who could have created the final forms of these wine chillers to such an elevated level. They developed several new techniques to achieve these forms, not only new to them, but to manufacturing in general.

Photography: Matthew Donaldson

Chess set
Richard Meier

Chess is pure mathematics, and the sublime geometry of Richard Meier’s bespoke set translates the game’s familiar pieces into abstract sculptures, paring down the distinguishing features into the most minimal expression possible. Handcrafted in wood at the New York studio’s model shop, a subtle stain distinguishes each player. Proportions are hugely important, and Bishop, Queen and King are made distinct by the addition of a square sliver of wood, which intersects the piece at three different angles to determine its function. The board itself is comprised of carefully routed squares, enabling each game to be an evolving work of abstract art.

Richard Meier
2013 marks the 50th anniversary of the establishment of Richard Meier’s studio. From his earliest domestic projects on America’s East Coast, through to a run of high profile cultural buildings around the world, Meier’s architecture has been characterised by its purity of form and geometry. The practice has won countless awards – including the Pritzker Prize for Meier back in 1984 – and is currently working on projects in China, Israel, Mexico, Italy and the US.

Photography: Jan Lehner

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