In pictures: visual inspiration from the W* photography desk

In pictures: visual inspiration from the W* photography desk

Sun, 2018, by Luke Evans

Luke Evans is known for his experimental approach to photography, imbuing landscapes and still lifes with a sense of awe through tricks of perspective and scale. Fascinated by natural science and physics, Evans has turned ice, sand and smoke into otherworldly environments. He has even digested photographic negatives, capturing the inner landscape of his body. As part of Apple’s Future Makers Festival at its Covent Garden store, Evans will be sharing the process behind his visual illusions and inspiring the audience to think and photograph in unusual ways. Pictured, Sun, 2018, made by rephotographing a print that has been destroyed by arrows shot from a bow, and lit from behind.

‘Photo Lab: Hidden Landscapes with Luke Evans’, 14 January, 6 – 7.30pm, Apple Covent Garden, register here.; Writer: Sophie Gladstone
Units, by Seth Lower

Lemons escaping from their bags, swans gliding across water, confetti bursting into the sky: Seth Lower’s Units questions where one thing ends and another begins. ‘The photograph points to the specific and pretends to represent things in conclusive or indisputable ways – the best moment, the best angle – while in reality being a totally different thing,’ says Lower. Units traces the ebb and flow of qualities shared in the suites of images, for a ‘soft but thorough’ approach. ‘Things have the potential to change form while still maintaining their basic identities, and may stay the same while having different meanings to different things,’ adds Lower. ‘Photographs add a layer to this, since we can potentially see things caught in becoming.’

Units, £30, published by Mack. Seth Lower will be in conversation with professor Graham Harman on 9 January at Book Soup, Los Angeles, from 7pm. Free event, book tickets here. Writer: Sophie Gladstone
Self Portrait as my Mother in School Uniform, 2019, by Silvia Rosi

Presented biannually, the Jerwood/Photoworks Awards are open to emerging UK-based artists using photography. Each recipient is bestowed £10,000 to develop new work, culminating in an exhibition at  Jerwood Arts in London (and a subsequent UK tour), alongside an additional production fund and mentorship from international experts. Over the past 12 months, Silvia Rosi and Theo Simpson have been refining distinctive bodies of work exploring history and identity through family, industry and place, which will debut at Jerwood Arts. Pictured, Self Portrait as my Mother in School Uniform, 2019, by Silvia Rosi.

‘Jerwood/Photoworks Awards 2020’, 15 January – 8 March, Jerwood Arts. Writer: Jessica Klingelfuss

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