With megabrands like Vitra, Cappellini, Established & Sons and Issey Miyake clamouring after their work, it's not surprising that the Breton brothers should sometimes find themselves gasping for air. Thankfully, they find a vital 'space to breathe' in the framework provided by Galerie Kreo - where their latest body of work is now on show.
'We compare our work for the gallery to the use of a sketch pad,' say Ronan and Erwan, of the ten year collaboration. 'It's a more instinctive form of research, free from the constraints imposed by the industry - the norms like weight, size or other issues more or less justified by mass production.'
Their experimental installations at the gallery, featuring amorphous shelving units and floating wall lights, show them revelling in this freedom. Covered in a mineral-like, ultra matt paint, the 'Roches' (shelving units) look like mysterious elements that have grown on gallery's surfaces, while the glossy fibreglass 'Conque' lights appear to float beside the walls. Also on display are the 'Lianes' - a dramatic network of interconnected, leather-clad fibreglass lamps. Say the designers: 'Our research for Galerie Kreo is about magic, as much as use.'