Discover the vegan skincare brand suited to your skin type

Our edit of vegan skincare brands reviews the most effective formulations for every skin type, age, and budget

Melyon skincare
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Save your skin, and help the planet with our inclusive edit of the best vegan skincare brands, complete with options for all skin types, genders, and price points. 

Try these vegan skincare brands from around the world.


Herbar Face Nectar

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Herbar is a Berlin beauty line for all ages and skin types that harnesses adaptogenic mushrooms and plants for its products, and local artists for its branding playful branding. Their Skin Pearls are one of our favourite products of the moment with their blend of adaptogenic and fungi extracts with vitamins B3, B12 and C to improve the appearance of skin and, more impressively, noticeably boost mood and reduce fatigue. 

Equally exciting is their newly launched Face Nectar, which combines fungi, adaptogenic extracts, probiotics to hydrate and tighten skin, and providing a silky, glowing look to skin after just one use. 

The Nectar can be used in conjunction with the brand's Face Oil and sweet mushroom shaped gua-shas


Pharell Williams skincare line Humanrace in green packaging

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Pharrell Williams’ skincare line, Humanrace, was developed in collaboration with his dermatologist Dr. Elena Jones, who has helped Williams maintain his famously youthful appearance for over 20 years. 

The line consists of three hero products, the Rice Powder Cleanser, Lotus Enzyme Exfoliator, and Snow Mushroom Humidifying Cream all of which are vegan and specifically formulated to work on all skin types.

‘The Rice Powder Cleanser and Lotus Enzyme Exfoliator provide gentle exfoliation and are rich in hydration,’ Dr. Elena told us when the line launched last year. ‘The Humidifying Cream provides essential moisture and hydration to nourish and plump the skin. We wanted to share with the world his simple routine and his belief that we must pause to take a moment to focus not only on your skin but also on your health and wellbeing.’

As of this November, Humanrace is available in UK from Selfridges.


Bourii body oils

(Image credit: Bourii)

Bourii is a new line of multipurpose body oils that draws on Ayurvedic principles to create its three signature oils–Vata, Pitta, or Kapha– each designed to target the skin care needs of the doshas they are named after. So Vata is grounding and warming, Pitta is calming and cooling, and Kapha is stimulating and energising. 

Developed with experts in the fields of Ayurveda, ethnobotany, and aromatherapy, each oil is  hand-blended in small batches at Bourii’s London studio, using ingredients from family run suppliers in the UK and France.

Stella by Stella McCartney 

Stella McCartney skincare line

(Image credit: Stella McCartney)

Stella McCartney’s recent foray into skincare comprises a cleanser, serum, and moisturiser all delicately perfumed with signature fragrance designed by Francis Kurkdjian. Ingredients are of principal importance, with all vegan formulations that include no extraneous additives (in keeping with McCartney’s ‘only what you need’ philosophy) and do not over-stimulate the skin. 

The lightweight formulations are especially well-suited to dry and/ or mature skin types with ingredients like hydrating organic birch sap, lingonberry extract to increase firmness, and rock samphire to smooth fine lines.

Herbar is a Berlin beauty line for all ages and skin types that harnesses adaptogenic mushrooms and plants for its products, and local artists for its branding playful branding. The signature face oil uses three hero adaptogens in its formulation: tremella, or the ‘beauty’ mushroom, which is known for detoxifying and hydrating properties; the reishi mushroom, which is used to reduce skin inflammation, puffiness, signs of ageing and free-radical damage, while also promoting cell regeneration; and da zao (or Chinese jujube dates), which is rich in iron and vitamin C, and is proven to treat acne, blemishes, and scars.

Royal Fern 

Royal fern plant with bottle of skincare displaying on top

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Royal Fern is vegan skincare brand developed by German dermatologist Dr. Timm Golueke. As its name suggests, every product is formulated with royal fern extracts- a 400 million year old plant that has withstood dramatic climate changes through its unique ability to retain water, resist UV radiation, and protect itself from environmental pollution. 

The Royal Fern skincare line utilises those resilient aspects of the royal to create effective anti-aging formulations that encourage collagen production and protects the skin’s surface from environmental aggressors.


Haeckles 2.0 skincare products in blue packaging

(Image credit: Photography by Ivona Chrzastek from the August 2022 issue of Wallpaper*)

Superhero of sustainable skincare, Haeckels vegan formulations are a safe bet for anyone looking to invest in a natural skincare regime. 

The brand uses seaweed hand-picked in Margate as the basis for its products which span skincare, haircare, deodorant, and its popular range of fragrances and candles. 

We recommend trying the brand’s Eco Marine Cream for a lightweight but super  hydrating daily moisturiser; or their game changing Bio Restore Membrane, a 'grown-to-order' prebiotic under-eye mask that is formulated with seaweed, aloe vera, and cucumber to reduce signs of tiredness.


Olivanna products in purple bottles displayed on acrylic blocks

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Olivanna’s a great vegan option for those who have sensitive skin but want skincare that is tough on ageing. The line’s hero ingredient is bakuchiol, a potent antioxidant that serves as a natural alternative to Retinol. 

For those new to the brand, we recommend trying The Bakuchiol Miracle Night Serum which pairs bakuchiol with hydrating hyaluronic acid and active plant extracts to smooth and repair skin overnight.

Pure+ by Switzerland

Pure+ serum displayed on backdrop of Swiss Alps

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Pure+ by Switzerland is a skincare brand that, as its name suggests, is made from natural ingredients harvested from the Alpine region of Switzerland. The entirely vegan range of products uses ingredients like Alpine Arolla Pine to protect collagen and the Alpine Gentian herb as an astringent, with all of its ingredients bottled at their highest possible concentration for assured effectiveness. 

Of their range, we recommend the Pore-Refining Serum for those looking for tighter, smoother skin, and the Glowing Serum for those looking for a brightening boost of Vitamin C.

Dr Frances Prenna Jones

Dr Frances Prenna Jones formula in black bottle with white font

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Dr Frances Prenna Jones is the cosmetic dermatologist behind some of London’s most famous faces. Her secret? An impeccable understanding of how only minor cosmetic tweaks can radically revitalise the face and save it from looking off-puttingly artificial. 

Luckily, even those who aren’t lucky enough to experience the Prenna Jones treatments in-person can still  benefit from her unparalleled knowledge of anti-ageing techniques. 

Her exclusive skincare line is deceptively simple looking range of transformative products, all of which are vegan. Try the HSB6 super serum for instant hydration that can be used fantastic base for make-up or to use with prescription retinols. While the famed Formula I is a new beauty product in and of itself- not quite a toner or exfoliant, but a bit of both- that can be used day and night on any skin type.


Rowse skincare products being mixed in bowl on granite block

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Rowse is a new plant-based brand that wants to simplify skincare for a minimal beauty regime. Depending on your skin concerns, the brand curates a tight edit of products to be used for a morning and evening cleansing and moisturisation, as well as a weekly mask or scrub treatment. 

Whether you want to try the entire regime or not, we recommend Rowse's plant clays. Available in powder form, each clay can be mixed with natural oils and floral waters at home to create a creamy at-home facial. 

The Matcha Powder Mask mixed with rose water and antibacterial lemon essential oil is great for a weekly skin refresh. The Charcoal Mask mixed with sage water and tea tree oil is ideal for those with acne or blackheads.

Le Labo 

Tub of Le Labo camphor balm

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Beloved the world over for its instantly recognisable fragrances, Le Labo also has a range of skincare that is just as addictive as its scents. 

The entirely vegan range contains a number of winners, but we suggest trying the aromatic Basil face lotion or the cooling Camphor Balm that is formulated with eucalyptus and black pepper to offer an instant hit of stress-relieving aromatherapy.

Neighbourhood Botanicals

Neighbourhood Botanicals vegan skincare products

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Neighbourhood Botanicals’ oil-based skincare places a premium on premium ingredients. The brand’s vegan product range uses cold-pressed and raw oils that are packed with vitamins and nutrients to provided the most effective results. Everything is made in small-batches at the brand’s east London lab and packaged in recyclable, post-consumer waste plastic (ie, plastic sourced from kerbside collections). 

Notable products include the make-up removing Face-Off cleanser and the Simmer Down serum for calming acne-prone and irritated skin.


Loopeco vegan skincare products in brown bottles

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All of Loopeco’s products are vegan, organic and plastic free. Sustainability is key for the brand, which has pledged to offset 100 per cent of its carbon emissions and use as little water as possible in all of its products. 

Key items include a detox face mask which uses chia seeds to retain moisture, kelp and potato starch extract for smooth skin, and matcha green tea for an antioxidant boost. It’s particularly well-suited to those with acne, using tea-tree oil to naturally rid skin of bacteria and inflammation. 

The Salubrious Serum is another winner, with Kojic Acid, Turmeric  and Vitamin C to brighten skin and Licorice to improve the appearance of dark spots.


Bar of blue soap and white box made by SBTRCT

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SBTRCT (pronounced Subtract) is a new solid beauty brand that aims to address some of the biggest environmental challenges facing the beauty industry today, namely plastic pollution, water waste and over-reliance on palm oil. It does this by creating products that are 100 per cent plastic-free, palm oil-free and contain less than 0.5 per cent water. 

Keep your eyes peeled for they’re soon to be launched solid retinol bar, which is one of the first of its kind and offers a more eco alternative to one of beauty’s most beloved products.


Temple vegan skincare products displayed on concrete blocks against blush background

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Temple is a new vegan skincare brand designed specifically for men of colour. The brand aims to keep skincare easy with a three-step starter system which includes a cleanser, toner and moisturiser. 

Key ingredients like hyaluronic acid, avocado oil, aloe vera and rosehip oil are formulated to address skincare issues commonly faced by men of colour while also being suitable for other skin types.


Three black bottles and one white bottle of Colekt vegan skincare products on display

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‘We have had K-Beauty and J-beauty, now it’s time for S-beauty,’ says Ellen af Petersens, co-founder of the beauty brand Colekt. That ‘S’ stands for Scandinavian, and af Petersens has certainly created a brand that is a unique expression of her native homeland, working with fellow Stockholmer Susanne Vennerstrand and the design team at Acne (which launched Byredo a decade ago). 

All Colekt formulations are vegan, take their inspiration from the natural ingredients of the area – think Oak Root Face Oil and Mulberry Leaf Face Mist – and come in recyclable packaging with grey colouring that’s inspired by the Swedish archipelago. 

For those still struggling with drab WFH skin, we recommend the brand’s Face Mist, which offers a refreshing spritz of natural antioxidants and hyaluronic acid. The Rosehip Seed Body Oil is another favourite, especially during the drying winter months. Its lightweight formulation instantly hydrates skin without leaving behind any of the greasy residue or drippy mess of some body oils.

Augustinus Bader

Blue and gold bottle of Augustinus Bader skin cream standing alongside grey box on grey marble top

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Augustinus Bader’s beloved The Rich Cream has gone vegan. As the brand’s founder and stem cell scientist Professor Bader told us last year, The Rich Cream’s particular genius lies in its ability to trigger skin’s regenerative cells. Unlike most skincare, which just changes the outside surface of the skin, Bader’s skincare is designed to work from the inside out, transforming the body’s internal, cellular communication for exterior changes. 

‘There’s something super, super sensitive inside of you, which are these cells that sense the microenvironment and respond to the need. So the cream, in a way, is only a toolbox, which helps your stem cells when they sense this need to interact more appropriately,’ Bader says. ‘Skin is a living organism, which has to be remodelled, meaning repaired a little bit every day. But you can accelerate this repair lead.’

The new vegan version of Bader's ‘miracle cream’ makes it possible for a whole new audience to experience its transformative properties, evidencing that skincare brands both big and small are increasingly branching into vegan formulations.


Aesop skincare in brown bottles displayed on blush wooden stand, with sphere on one corner

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Aesop is a brand so synonymous with quality design that just placing one of its soaps next to a sink is an instant ambiance-booster. From its instantly recognizable brown bottles to its stores designed by Snøhetta, Fernando and Humberto Campana, and more, Aesop has constructed a skincare empire on the principle that aesthetics and effective formulations are of equal importance. A lesser know tidbit is that all of the brand’s products are vegan, making them an easy and reliable go-to for those looking to build a plant-based skincare regime.


Melyon skincare

(Image credit: Melyon)

Melyon is a Swedish skincare brand ‘made with people of colour in mind’. Its vegan formulations use a combination of acids (salicylic, hydrochloric) natural ingredients (ginger root extract, papaya extract) and vitamins to that target conditions commonly found in darker skin tones while still being suitable for all. 

Meylon is an expression of founder Roger Dupe's Swedish and West African heritage. The shape of the bold brown bottles with prominent blackcaps is inspired by Baobab trees, with labels in the clean typographic style that has become synonymous with Scandinavian graphic design. For Dupe, is was important that the brand’s vegan formulations were equally as good for the earth as for skin. ‘We wanted to create products that we can be proud of and make the consumer feel good about buying,’ says Dupe.‘ [For us] using natural ingredients from Africa was super exciting, especially most of the skincare products they have been using for ages are vegan.’


Opaque bottles of Typology skincare products displayed on granite rock

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Like The Ordinary, Typology seeks to offer transparent skincare formulations that contain only ingredients essential for product effectiveness, and all at an affordable price point. Yet the French-brand has a notably more eco-conscious bent than its competitors, with a range of exclusively vegan products that are produced entirely in France with ingredients from the region. 

Typology offers everything from chapstick to perfumes, but the brand’s routine-based skincare sets are its most notable offerings. A free diagnostic test on the Typology website asks questions concerning three main areas–skin aging, oxidation factors, and sebum production– to judge which of 24 skin types you are, and then breaks down which products will work best for your concerns and why. We’re especially fans of the brand’s four periodic serums for those whose skin concerns are closely linked to their hormonal cycles.

F. Miller 

Bottle of F. Miller face oil with dropper

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Oils have been gaining a lot of traction in beauty lately, and rightly so. They can instantly brighten skin with a nutrient-packed punch, create a hydrated base for cosmetics that won’t alter the texture of your products (unlike many cream moisturisers), and are an ideal touch-up tool for a day's worn-in makeup.

We recommend Canadian brand F. Miller to those interested in adding oils to their beauty regime. Its tight edit of products includes a face oil, oil cleanser, eye oil, shave oil, and hair oil all of which are vegan and packaged in the brand's ultra-chic bottles.

Those who are extra eco-conscious will be glad to know that all of those bottles, and the boxes they come in, are made of recyclable material and printed in a facility powered by Bullfrog – a green energy provider dedicated to reducing the environmental footprint of production in Canada. Best of all, the vegan formulations are highly effective, transforming split ends and irritated skin within a few applications.


Superegg skin products in round tub and tube displayed on linen board

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Founded by former VP of digital design at Barney’s, Erica Choi, Superegg is a new skincare line with a novel main ingredient- vegan eggs. In Korea, where Choi’s family hails from, eggs have been used as a skincare cure-all for centuries.

Hoping to reformat the age-old trick for a more eco-conscious audience, Choi developed a vegan egg substitute from a unique combination of vitamins, minerals, and proteins. The result is a moisturiser and cleanser that promise dewy and flawless skin.

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