Gaudy neon signs from Las Vegas and a personal collection of old postcards may not usually grab the attention of London’s Fine Art Society gallery, but when Rob and Nick Carter combined the two and played with the sizes, even we have to admit being drawn into the jarring but strangely mesmerising light.

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To create, this new body of work entitled ’Postcards from Vegas’ the artists used one of only two remaining Cibachrome machines in the world to enlarge the postcards, which are drawn from a collection the Carter’s each collected as children in the 1960s and 1970s, to up to 150 times the original size. In addition, the couple have added replicated and reduced-to-scale vintage neon signs spotted on trips to Las Vegas.

A shared passion for raw neon has led them to work with the form since 2003, and the Carters are known for their large-scale neon installations. The exhibition draws on that fascination with sculptural neon, and nicely juxtaposes it with the flat photographic form.