While at first glance the Aram Gallery’s top floor exhibition space may just look like an airy room full of flat-pack furniture - it is in fact the latest exhibition from up-and-coming Israeli designer, Jair Straschnow.
A move away from the space’s quirkier offerings – such as last year’s showing from Okay Studio - Straschnow has filled the gallery with a series of furniture pieces produced in none other than the Far Eastern favourite - bamboo.

See more of the bamboo furniture on display at the Aram Gallery in London
Free from bolts, screws and glue, each of the pieces are assembled by simply slotting them together, thanks to a series of beautiful takes on the carpenters favourite – the dovetail joint.
Lesser-known for its design qualities than it is as Panda food, bamboo has been getting more of a look-in in recent years thanks to its lightness, durability and sustainability (thanks to its ridiculously fast rate of growth). Aside from which, once polished up it as also surprisingly beautiful.
Featuring a series of 14 furniture prototypes constructed in laminated layers of sheet bamboo, Straschnow’s exhibition includes an inordinately simple modular bookshelf system, an adaptable dining-cum-easy chair and a contortionistic twisted table (along with an adult see-saw). 
One of the show’s key features, the hammer-swing easy chair, is designed to rock languidly between upright dining seat and low-slung easy chair, without a screwdriver in sight - providing a perfect example of Straschnow’s seamless design agenda.
 Each clean-lined, ready-for-production piece comes built around the interlocking joint that sits at its core, and putting the furniture together is easy as pie. An exhibition for those with a true passion for interior design, it’s about looking beyond the pine furniture aesthetic and into the depth of Straschnow’s craftsmanship, which sits at the core of every piece.