Thanks to a growing revival that's been sweeping cities worldwide, the burger - that simple staple of meat between two buns - has become the recipient of more variations on a theme than most food combinations. Fuelled by their mutual obsession, Daniel Young - creator of cult burger meet-up events BurgerMonday and - together with fellow blogger Burgerac (who unsurprisingly met at a burger meetup in London) have joined forces for the first ever Burgermat art show and pop-up dinner.
Looking to transform the humble burger into a chopped steak of distinction, Burgermat is an extension of Young's popular BurgerMonday series, a host of burger 'meatups' and pop-up events that 'allow people to eat good food and meet like-minded people'. Going the distance, Burgermat's pop-up adds the relish to an already much-loved event, by offering diners not only a three-course meal, but the chance to take home a piece of art that 24 contemporary illustrators have produced in ode to their own burger love.
Displayed on the formica tables of Gray's Inn's very own greasy spoon cafe, Andrew's, are artworks by the likes of Andy Rementer, James Joyce, Chrissie Macdonald and Chris Gray, which will serve as placemats for guest chef Fred Smith's flat-top griddle burger. Diners are even encouraged to customise the artworks with abstract squirts of mustard, while splats of ketchup are a must.
And before you despair at the thought of not being one of the 64 diners to secure a seat, fear not - as of 28 June, there will be a chance for fans to buy larger A2 gliclée burgermat prints, which come in editions of 50, from