Jan 2016

Style special

Limited-edition cover by Joseph Kosuth

The BeoVision Avant will transform
the way you watch television

Combining crisp modern lines with cutting edge technology, Bang & Olufsen’s new BeoVision Avant is the television of the future. The Avant is designed to fit seamlessly into your life, automatically adjusting itself to give you perfect viewing conditions every time, and slipping silently into the background when not in use. Technology at your command.

  • The Avant moves silently into position at the touch of a button

  • Clean lines, high quality materials and contemporary design enable the BeoVision Avant to fit seamlessly into your interior

  • The Avant turns to accommodate you, adjusting its screen and position for the best quality picture

  • Switch on the Avant and the speaker bar glides out from beneath the screen to deliver perfect sound

  • When not in use, the BeoVision Avant slips discreetly into a standby position

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Sound and picture quality are of paramount importance, and the BeoVision Avant’s Ultra High Definition 4K screen creates crisp visuals to match the incredible audio imaging generated by the inbuilt digital surround sound. Pair this with the innovative motorised stands and brackets, and the Avant moves seamlessly into your life.

The BeoVision Avant demonstrates many of Bang & Olufsen’s ground-breaking display technologies, including the adaptive sensors that ensure the on-screen white balance is always perfectly matched to the ambient environment, or the Automatic Bass Optimisation system that adjust low-end frequencies depending on the placement of the screen in the room, or even the new Mybutton system on the aluminium BeoRemote One that allows for instant access to custom viewing set-ups.

Naturally, the BeoVision Avant is fully expandable, designed to accommodate Apple TV or an external hard disk, with a seamless form that also conceals cables and an integrated transmitter that allows additional wireless speakers. Nine pre-programmed sound modes bring cinema, sports and music to life, while the Avant’s sophisticated speaker management automatically detects the input source. Integrated light sensors, adaptive contrast system and four picture modes ensure the picture is perfect at all times under all conditions, allowing the Avant to transform both your environment and your viewing experience.

Every Bang & Olufsen product stands for the effortless experience of technology, with form expressing the function with clarity, craft and purity of materials. The BeoVision Avant is a new breed of television, a device that is both discrete and powerful, infinitely accommodating to your demands and fully equipped to deliver the very best performance.