Frame work: Kim Mee Hye’s intriguing new jewellery design

Frame work: Kim Mee Hye’s intriguing new jewellery design

There’s always intrigue in Kim Mee Hye’s designs. Her new collection of architecturally considered earring designs, called ‘Foyer’, is ‘more an accessory to the body than precious adornment’, says the Korean-born, Belgium-raised, London-based designer.

‘Today, a lot has already been explored with the earring, so I decided to innovate by adding a new layer, like a new structure on the body. These are earrings which you can add gems or little rings to, as if adding a new room to a house.’ Comprised of angular and circular frames, the sizeable earrings are hooked from the tip of the ear and lie flat against it.

Mee Hye offers variations on the theme: crafted in gold with an additional ring of diamonds ‘if preferred’; less precious in gold plate with cut glass or bright enamel detail; or perforated to allow the application of tiny hoops should an alternative effect be desired. Consideration for the geometry of nature also plays a part: ‘I have designed different layers in different models to fit with different face profiles,’ she reveals.

As originally featured in the September 2016 issue of Wallpaper* (W*210)

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