Here at Wallpaper* we are always interested in the manner in which an apparently rudimentary item can be made exemplary via design, honing and editing, removing anything unnecessary and extraneous but upping the quality of materials used. And we like to celebrate skilled makers who alter and improve manufacturing processes, slow down production to make smaller runs, hand finish where necessary, and cast a keen and judicious eye over the final product before it goes on sale.

Zanone, part of the Slowear fashion family, is one such marque. Working in tune with its quietly bold manifesto, ’the revolution is in the thread’, the knitwear brand has developed an ability to get the most out of precious rare materials, incorporating innovative techniques, and clean, linear design, to produce garments with a unique touch and contemporary character.

Earlier this year, Wallpaper* and Zanone and Slowear launched a limited-edition capsule collection of crew-necked knitwear, in three distinctive tones selected by our creative team from the unique Wallpaper* colour portfolio. Available exclusively from the Slowear concession at Selfridges on London’s Oxford Street, the collection was launched with an intimate cocktail party, featuring expertly shaken drinks and trays of slow food, naturally.

Zanone employs top-quality raw materials, such as merino, geelong and yak wools, cashmere, silk and twisted cotton, and experiments with dyes, to create sweaters that are pure elegance perfected. As with all of Slowear’s label-mates, Zanone concentrates on the production of quality clothing in contemporary silhouettes that are designed to be long-lasting and good-looking, delightful to the touch and enduringly stylish, rather than just briefly fashionable.