Brick Lane, East London. The UK capital’s design and tech communities were united for the Wallpaper* hosted event that launched HP Sprout. Attendees were given the opportunity to get hands on with a truly game-changing machine that breaks rules and conventions. Integrating state-of-the-art technology and hand-crafted ingenuity, Sprout does away with conventional mouse operation and puts creativity back in the bare hands of the creator. Learning a new lexicon of technical phrases – ‘instant capture manipulation’, ‘fluid transfer’ and ‘blended reality’ – Sprout also presented guests with the familiar language of ‘workspace’ and a gallery instead of keyboard and screen, while a ‘My Rooms’ function facilitated collaborative projects that could be discussed and manipulated in real time. A few weeks before the event, Wallpaper* invited five individuals from its global talent pool of artists and designers – fashion designer Christopher Shannon, set designer David White, product designers Laetitia de Allegri and Matteo Fogale, and jewellery designer Amélie Riech – to try Sprout for themselves, inviting them back to discuss their experiences with the audience on the night. Ideas and opinions were exchanged. Cocktails were mixed. Reality got blended.