Like most things Manhattan, the Bowery has a colourful history. Restaurant Pearl & Ash, the latest addition to the small neighbourhood, bridges the gap between historic events and modern times as well as continents. The culinary creations by chef Richard Kuo are inspired by various cultures, and retrieved from his many travels around the globe. Chemist-turned-barman Eben Klemm has conceived Pearl & Ash’s elaborate cocktail programme and the selection is as eclectic as it is exhilarating – cocktails bear names relating to historic events from the Bowery, such as Murder on the Ebulliant Express, to name just one. Craig Montoro and Bryan Mesenbourg of local outfit Sway Design Collective have created a playful interior, incorporating natural materials such as wood, brick and moss as a nod to the rustic, rural past of the neighbourhood. Classic Americana antiques such as Kodak cameras and glass ornaments line the shelves throughout the oblong space.