London Design Festival 2015 preview

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Fredrikson Stallard’s Momentum

Fredrikson Stallard’s studio turn 10, and to celebrate, they open their doors to showcase ten new works produced in collaboration with David Gill Gallery. A celebration of the experimental and the rigorous, as the pair calls it, the ‘Momentum’ collection references their signature style, which touches upon both the unique and the mass-produced, giving new shapes to furniture. The Species sofa gives new drastic shape to Ian Stallard and Patrik Fredrikson’s organic luxury; the red velvet embraces an asymmetric rock forming a study in evolution, the designers explain, ‘created with a brute force that is at odds with ideas of comfort or human contact, yet so inviting by the nature of its materials.’

23-27 September; 10a Warner Street, London EC1R 5HA;

Pictured: ’Parachute Table’