Whilst LG’s latest venture may seem better suited to scenes of Star Trek than the streets of London, the Watchphone is a surprisingly functional piece of kit with a high-design edge.

Available exclusively in the UK - in London’s Bond Street store to be precise - the folks at LG sent over a sample for us to play with, and despite some early skepticism, the Watchphone soon had us wearing our hearts on our sleeves.
Built with functionality in mind, the wrist-based phone comes with a responsive touch-screen interface, providing ease of access to the myriad extra features. These are impressive, given its size and include an inbuilt VGA camera, video calling, music player, voice command alongside all standard mobile capabilities (and an interchangeable clock face of course). It may take a few tries to work out, but in the end it’s a rewarding – if expensive - little find.
The design, whilst a little space age and ever so slightly clunky, is in fact very light and surprisingly streamlined – and the bulk is easily ignored after an hour or so of wear, although the in-built speaker ensures it’s not forgotten for long. Whilst speaking into ones wrist may not be an ergonomically sound design trait, the included Bluetooth headset renders proceedings surprisingly smooth.