Monica Berg

Mixologist and drinks consultant

As a teenager, Monica Berg transformed her bedroom in Oslo into a saloon, complete with doorman. She has since worked on the Icebar concept and Oslo speakeasy Himkok, helmed the bar at Jason Atherton’s Pollen Street Social, and will soon open her own ‘socially conscious’ bar in London.

Would most like to work with: Christian Puglisi

Photography: Jasper Fry

Charlie Carrington

Chef and restaurateur, Melbourne

Charlie Carrington, who opened fine-dining restaurant Atlas at the age of 23, regularly journeys to far-flung locations, studies the local cuisine, then rewrites his menu. soon to open is his new venture, Colours of Atlas, the world’s first sustainable ‘no single-use item’ fast food outlet.

Would most like to work with: Clare Smyth

Photography: Ben Clement

Morten Thuesen and Letizia Caramia

Founders of Older Paris

In 2016, Morten Thuesen and Letizia Caramia were tapped by René Redzepi to create the staff uniform at Noma offshoot 108. Since then, the duo have refined their aesthetics, creating functional uniforms made of sustainable materials for the likes of Palais de Tokyo in Paris, and Hotel Sanders in Copenhagen.

Would most like to work with: MoMA

Photography: Iorgis Matyassy

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