Daniel Hernández Chacón

Chacón is fascinated by the intersection of lo-fi tech and visual expectation, as well as colour and how it gives shape to form. His publication Colour conjures polychromy onto the page. Dream collaborator: Sound artist Ryoji Ikeda.


Jinhwa Oh

Rhode Island School of Design, USA

The 360° Alphabet places letterforms in three-dimensional space, rotated and skewed to create depth and disorientation depending on the viewer’s position. Intended for interactive installations, Oh was partly inspired by the sculpture of Kendall Buster and Vito Acconci’s ‘City of Words’. Dream collaborator: new media artist Zach Lieberman or light artist Anthony McCall.


Daniel Faltys

University of Brighton, UK

Faltys’ Lexicon of this World is part of a project exploring ‘religion, mythology and folklore’. Based on the designer’s imagined creed, this section features a custom typeface and dense collages. Dream collaborator: Gerhard Richter.


Ruth Marom

Bezalel Academy for Arts & Design, Israel

Marom’s A Time and A Place is a graphic travelogue comprising eight colourful flags. ‘The flags are inspired by the essence of each place I’ve ever lived in,’ she says. Dream collaborator: Graphic designer Kristine Kawakubo.


Michael Kelly

Norwich University of the Arts, UK

Kelly’s Experiments in Time 2 deals with the relationship between machine and the human mind. ‘The swirl is a generative 3D element that alludes to string theory in software,’ the designer says. Dream collaborator: Bureau Borsche.


Lukas Keysell

Winchester School of Art, UK

Blending influences from JRR Tolkien to Esperanto, Keysell has created a virtual reality script that ‘combines a mysterious, fictional territory with the utopian idea of universal communication’. Dream collaborator: Space10 in Copenhagen.


Colette Kerr

Glasgow School of Art, UK

Using collage, paint, drawing and animation, Kerr’s Reverie illustrations evoke a sense of ‘moments half remembered’ and ‘that feeling of being lost in your own thoughts’, she says. Dream collaborator: David Byrne.


Line-Gry Hørup

Werkplaats Typografie, Netherlands

Hørup’s graphic rendering of the poems of R Broby-Johansen (1900-1987) is an English translation of the Danish originals and includes Johannes Schwartz’s photographs of the poet’s archive. Dream collaborator: Poet Susan Howe.

linegryhorup.dk 07

Line Gry Hørup

Marcus Nystrand

Beckmans College of Design, Sweden

‘I have been susceptible to Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response my whole life,’ Nystrand says, ‘and Synthetic Triggers examines whether animated graphic objects can trigger it.’ Dream collaborator: ‘Someone who has been into space.’


Eliott Grunewald

ECAL, Switzerland

Grunewald’s typographic experiment adds an extra dimension to type design: time. ‘Each shape is designed as a number of different steps, from the structure to the animation of a particular scene,’ he explains. Dream collaborator: Ed Ruscha.


Lea Michel

HGB Leipzig, Germany

Michel’s project focuses on the role of the US president, breaking down 164 performances into six typologies (Hero, Father and Husband, Villain, Alien, Lover, and Clown) to ‘explore how fiction becomes our reality’. Dream collaborator: Artist Camille Henrot.


Jonas Zieher

ABK Stuttgart, Germany

Zieher’s work combines ‘the reduced colour palette and imperfections‘ of screen-printing with the possibilities of motion graphics. Dream collaborator: ‘Anyone who values good design and is brave enough to create something extraordinary.’


Dustin Tong

Yale School of Art, USA

‘I am interested in the absurd and uncanny created by automated processes,’ says Tong, whose illustrations, using image recognition software, forge a bold new abstract language. Dream collaborator: Kabosu the Shiba Inu, of Doge meme fame.


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