Jacopo Sarzi

Food designer

Jacopo Sarzi’s cork bowls (pictured far left and right) are part of an ice cream-making set he developed with cork producer Amorim for a Roca-sponsored design project. Sarzi studied product design in Italy, industrial design in Finland, learnt food design in France and set up his studio in London in 2012. Sarzi also designed the food for our shoot, drawing together the various food-related design pieces. Pictured are extra virgin olive oil ice cream; matcha green tea ice cream; strawberry sorbet; a towering Sachertorte; Lancashire, Red Leicester, Emmental and Parmigiano cheeses; and chèvre cake. www.jacoposarzi.com

Photography: Jonathan Minster

Ben Evans

Modern-day milkman

People may wonder at milk being produced in a Melbourne suburb, but that’s exactly what fourth-generation dairyman Ben Evans is doing. There may be no cows at St David Dairy, but the milk being bottled there is as fresh as you’ll get. Sourced from Victorian dairies, Evans processes it, keeping it as close to its natural state as possible. He’s teamed up with a cheesemaker and also supplies bottles to local cafés and small retailers. www.stdavid.com.au

Photography: Sean Fennessy

James Stoklund

Royal College of Art, UK

In an attempt to slow down and add theatre to the thoughtless shovelling of food from plate to mouth, James Stoklund has designed the flexible fork. With eight yielding spring-steel prongs, the playful tool bends when pressure is applied to a plate of food, giving new meaning to spring veg. www.jamesstoklund.com

Cynthia Shanmugalingam

Fighting for food start-ups

Founder of the UK’s first kitchen incubator, Kitchenette, Cynthia Shanmugalingam makes it her mission to help young pop-ups thrive in London. With her Sri Lankan foodie background and years as an economist under her belt, she now offers a 12-week programme for entrepreneurs and will host residencies at her permanent restaurant, opening in 2014. www.wearekitchenette.com

Photography: Jessica Klingelfuss

Yasmine Larizadeh and Shirin Kouros

Healthy food on the go

Yasmine Larizadeh (above right) previously worked in finance before joining forces with French Culinary Institute-trained chef Shirin Kouros (above left) to launch The Good Life Eatery on London’s Sloane Avenue. Inspired by a passion for eating good food fostered by their Iranian roots, the duo have created an organic menu serving healthy LA café-style dishes. www.goodlifeeatery.com

Photography: Jo Metson Scott

Qiyun Deng

ÉCAL, Switzerland

The Graft series of disposable tableware is moulded in bioplastic to resemble fresh produce and tinted in palatable pastel colours. In a twist on conventional plastic dinnerware, each piece in the Graft set takes on a natural form of fruit or vegetable - from celery to radicchio, lemon to melon - which serves as a reminder of the material’s ability to break down after use. cargocollective.com/qiyun

Ryan Chetiyawardana

Bartender and all-round drinks creative

After stints at 69 Colebrooke Row, Purl and Morgans Hotel Group, award-winning bartender Ryan Chetiyawardana took the plunge and opened his own bar. Located in a former pub in London’s East End, White Lyan serves up pre-mixed cocktails in Chetiyawardana’s own-brand Mr Lyan bottles. ‘I wanted to bring a different approach to London’s well-educated drinkers, while still retaining the best bits of a traditional cocktail bar.’ www.sipstir.co.uk

Photography: Michiel Meewis

Henry Richmond Young

Parsons, US

Henry Richmond Young’s 3D-printed ceramic dessert plates are made in collaboration with pastry chef Veronica Duboise. Each design is a play on the action involved in a dessert’s consumption, such as melting (ice cream), cutting (fruit) and breaking (chocolate). www.henryrichmondyoung.com

Theresia Kohlmayr

Rethinking the urban hotel

Architecture student, and daughter of a hotelier, Theresia Kohlmayr is on a mission to repurpose disused urban spaces in the Viennese neighbourhood of Wieden. Joining forces with fellow students Jonathan Lutter and Christian Knapp, Kohlmayr is creating a series of hotel rooms with a history. The first so-called street loft, the Tailoress, is housed in a former haute couture dressmaker’s workshop. The space has been given a new lease of life with a sympathetically designed interior that preserves the story of the once famous atelier. Following its success, the team has opened three more street lofts with six in the pipeline. www.urbanauts.at

Photography: Lukas Schaller

Joyce Brouwer

Creative sleepover

Wanting to merge creating and travelling, Joyce Brouwer and her business partner Danielle Linscheer launched the hostel-cum-atelier Ani & Haakien, a double townhouse in the heart of Rotterdam furnished with materials reclaimed during the renovation of Central Station. Brouwer cites her year travelling the world as a source of inspiration, and envisions the hostel as an artistic platform for wanderlust-stricken creatives. www.anihaakien.nl

Catrin Griffiths

Manchester School of Art, UK

Welsh craftsmen and manufacturers worked with Catrin Griffiths to produce her ’Narrow Ladies’ beech serving boards and ’Menyn Gora’ slate-clay butter dish in an effort to celebrate traditional craft and keep local industries alive. Griffiths updated their time-honoured methods with her own hi-tech skills, like 3D printing and laser-cutting. catringriffithsdesigns.wordpress.com

Chris China

Kingston University London, UK

When Hingstons - an online retailer for homemade food kits - approached Chris China to redesign their cheesemaking kit, he chose to make the process more accessible. China’s design features a bright compact container with a transparent top, through which you can watch your cheese mature. www.designedbychina.co.uk

Karthik Poduval

Camberwell College of Art, UK

Karthik Poduval likes his cake – and eats it in perfectly equal portions, thanks to his measured cake slice design. Variously sized stainless steel and oak cutters frame the perfectly proportioned slice, whether a cake is to be carved into quarters, sixths or eighths. www.karthikpoduval.com

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